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Friday 12 July 2019

Judgement Day for Nick and David! Coronation Street Blog meets Jack P Shepherd

Our second Coronation Street Blog interview of the recent press day is with a stalwart of Corrie's recent history. Grabbing a water from the Rovers Return bar (literally), I'm surreally sat on set (just under the dartboard) and although slightly distracted by the sights and sounds of this TV studio (it does look smaller in real life), we are ready to interview one the street's finest young actors. In true fashion, this was actually the first interview of the day but of course,  as we were embargoed and sworn to super secrecy, it's remained unpublished... until now!

Long-time bad boy, barber shop owner, brilliant Dad, and now fiance to Shona. Corrie stalwart David Platt has been part and parcel of Corrie's main family (sorry Barlow's) for decades. Once again, David has landed in trouble, but this time it's brother Nick who's the real villain.

Having gained a conscience by admitting to gran Audrey that he and brother Nick robbed her of £80k, David appears to have turned over a new leaf. Nick however, well it looks like his dark side is back with a vengeance. Tricked by Gail into meeting Gran, and then Audrey's accident with 'the lady' the brothers have both ended up inside for contempt of court.

We spoke to Jack about what happens next.

Jack said 'Nick gets laid into by some heavies and intervenes, but then they both end up taking a beating which causes a truce between the brothers' adding 'Nick then says he will admit the truth in court but actually doesn't' and his bad run of luck doesn't stop there.

Due to David's previous suspended sentence for beating up Gary, he ends up getting sent down anyway. Although Nick does eventually relent and tell the judge the truth (albeit being as slippery as ever) he manages to walk away with a suspended sentence.

Asked about his prison cell scenes, Jack admitted: 'We filmed in Chester, and I was filming in Myra Hindley's old cell which was quite scary.' He also revealed that Corrie does have a purpose-built prison on the Salford set.

With David back behind bars, it's likely that he's got a four month sentence to complete. Jack admits that the shotgun wedding with Shona is now off. Asked if he had any ideas about a possible future Corrie wedding with Shona, Jack had a few ideas, adding 'a massive one but they've got no money, so I imagine a registrar office or one in the bistro' but he's unsure as to what will happen to David in prison 'I actually don't know what is planned although some drama is promised'.

Just back from a holiday in the Bahamas and New York, a freshly tanned Jack is glad to be back in the Platt family and pleased that David is back to being a good character (almost).

Jack added 'Fatherhood has massively changed him. He's very responsible when it comes to them and Shona has had a huge influence'.

How does he think Nick and David will act, once David is back out of prison?.

'I suppose it all matters as to whether they can put things behind them, or whether they are going to continue the feud' adding 'I'd like it to continue so it's a more 'Cain and Abel' story'.

Outside of the street, Jack is actually great friends with 'Nick Tilsley' actor Ben Price, and alongside Colson Smith (Craig Tinker) the guys host a film review podcast Sofa Cinema Club which is worth a listen for any film buff, acting aficionado, or Corrie connoisseur.

With David now inside, what will the repercussions be on the outside?. His relationship with Shona, the barbers, and the kids?. It certainly seems like rough justice for this one-time bad boy.

You can read my interview with Samia Longchambon (Maria Connor) here.

Stay tuned to Corrie and to the Coronation Street blog for more press day interviews with me and Emma Hynes.

I am @rybazoxo your self-appointed cobble connoisseur and mid-week episode reviewer for this very blog.


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Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted that Nick who lied gets away with it while David is the one who goes to prison.
Nick's theft of his gran's money is elder abuse and it's a shame that the writers didn't take that issue more seriously and have him go to prison as well.

jones said...

so what happened to the money he stole from his ex wife Elsa


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