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Wednesday 24 July 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 24 July

9829 Wednesday 24th July
MUM’S THE WORD FOR GEMMA Jane from Radio Weatherfield interviews Gemma and Chesney about their quads. In the Rovers, everyone gathers round to listen. When Chesney admits they’re not married, Jane urges the listeners to tweet their support for Gemma and Chesney to marry. As the customers make cash donations towards the babies’ futures Chesney plucks up the courage and tells Gemma he never stopped loving her and wants to try again. But as he leans in for a kiss, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Gemma’s Mum, Bernie, who reveals she’s about to be made homeless and needs money. When Gemma offers her the cash from the charity collection Chesney’s appalled.

KEVIN VOICES HIS CONCERNS Kevin’s unimpressed to realise Paula stayed the night. When Paula assures him it was a one-off and she’s looking to rent a flat, Sophie announces she’d like to move in with her. Kevin admits he thinks Paula is too old for her. Sophie’s offended and tells him they’re in love and he’d better get used to the idea.
ALYA AND RYAN PLAY CUPID When Alya and Ryan clock Ali gazing wistfully at Maria, they come up with a plan and dupe Maria and Ali into having lunch together at Speed Daal. Although initially awkward, they’re soon getting on well and the chemistry is evident.
ELSEWHERE Having recognised Aggie from the pharmacy, Kirk asks her for some advice about the rash on his bum. Aggie’s horrified. Tracy moans to Steve that she’s sick of driving a cab and can’t wait for him to get his licence back. Steve and Tim exchange guilty looks. After another successful unicorn party, Steve and Tim are intrigued to see Robert in a pub garden with Vicky.

Wednesday 24th July
CHESNEY GETS TO KNOW THE MOTHER IN LAW (er... ITV... when did Gemma and Chesney get married!?)  Chesney lays down the law and refuses to hand over the charity money to Bernie. Paul calls in the Rovers and is horrified to find Bernie there. Warning Gemma it’ll end in tears, he storms out. Chesney apologises to Gemma for being hard on her mum and says she can stay at No.5 and he’ll kip on the sofa. Gemma’s grateful but as Chesney prepares for a night on the couch, he’s horrified when Bernie suggests he could share the big bed with her!
MARIA KICKS HERSELF When Michelle suggests that Maria’s simply after Ali’s money, Maria’s
offended as Ali casts a look of disbelief at his Mum. Michelle later apologises to Maria and admits she’s over protective of Ali. Maria assures her it’s fine and at 9 years her junior, it would never have worked out anyway. Having overheard Ali’s gutted and Maria’s mortified.
ELSEWHERE Kirk begs Aggie to take a look at the rash on his bum. As Ed and Beth round the corner, they’re horrified by what they see. Kevin voices his concerns about the age gap to Paula but tells her she’s welcome to stay at No.13 as she makes Sophie happy. As Kevin hurries off he bumps into a passerby who steal his keys from his pocket. When Adam lets slip that Steve got his licence back a while ago, Tracy’s fuming while Liz reckons he’s up to something. Liz and Tracy rifle through Steve’s holdall and are shocked to find Liz’s hair extensions, glitter and a strap-on unicorn horn.
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bluegardenia said...

Here we go again with more absurd story lines. Firstly, David who is Imran's client tells his lawyer that Nick is responsible for collapse of roof at Underworld. Then, the whole street knows this!~!~ Since when did we abolish client/lawyer privilege? Now, we have Tim's Dad who has until now has been just an ordinary bloke...but no Corrie can't work with that so they give him character traits that never were...and he's becoming a total control freak with regard to Yasmin. Moving on we come to Steve who is suddenly stupid enough to think that people can be fooled into believing in Unicorns. Please writer's aside from not being funny it's horrifically ridiculous. As was Gail's stupid intervention, scenes in the prison, and on and on we go. It seems like when someone is leaving the show all the writer's run around like chickens with their heads cut off coming up with unbelievable story lines. IE: Robert and Michelle. They don't appear to care about whether they insult the intelligence of their audience. Please Corrie your writing is horrendous. Fix it.

Bring Back Todd/Bruno .... said...

bluegardenia, I fear it cannot be fixed now.

The producer / writers have killed off a once great character-led show with very poor, ridiculous story-lines, very poor acting in some cases, too many episodes per week and lack of knowledge of any of the characters' past histories.

Humpty Dumpty said...

We must be in silly summer story season. Enter Gemma's mum, who will be totally over the top. There isn't a good history for such mums eg: Tyrone's mum, Stella's mum. They don't stay long, and maybe that's the plan with Gemma's. Nobody cares about these characters and multiple births isn't being written as a social issue. To me, Gemma only works well with Jenny and that really is down to Sally Ann Matthews who works well with everyone.


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