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Thursday 18 July 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 17 July 8.30pm

In tonight's second episode, Gary faces questioning from the police and plays a pretty mean poker face. Finding out about Nick's alibi though, it looks like he may have to play a different card...

At The Rovers, Maria's date is interrupted by the fella's mother!. Making her (fake) excuses, she swiftly leaves. Moira hopes to pick up Maria's sloppy seconds but doesn't have any luck either.

Beth is still grumpy about the majority shares decision, retreats from the factory, and tells Kirk that she'd like to sell her certificate for a holiday instead. Later, and working her way back into the factory fold, Beth doesn't tell Sarah that she's planning on selling. She then decides to play Sean against Paul in seeing who will buy it first.

Meanwhile, Seb queries Alina's sudden disinterest, and Jan tells him to forget about her. As Paula bumps into Eileen, Jan gives the solicitor a knowing gaze. Is there a history between the two?. Later, at the nail salon, Jan visits Alina and tells her to stay away from Seb as it's too risky.  Just what is going on here?.

At the corner shop, Evelyn tells Tyrone and Michelle that she thinks Roy fancies her and that's why she wants him to leave. Protesting that Roy is a sexual predator, Tyrone tells his Nan to curb her behaviour or she will be the one leaving the house.

Over a coffee, Maria confides in Michelle about her dating disasters, telling her that Ali has been a great confidante.

The police interrogate Gary further telling him they have intelligence of his dealings with Rick. As he isn't arrested, Gary is free to go but unfortunately, he doesn't see Rick's daughter Kelly heading into the cop shop reception. Back at The Rovers,  Gary threatens Imran, believing it was the solicitor who shopped him to the police. At that moment, Sarah walks in and admits that she called the cops on him. In the beer garden, Sarah explains her decision to Gary, who in turn fiercely protests his (faux) innocence.

Later on, Gary bumps into Sharon who tells him that Kelly has been to see the police about Rick's disappearance.

I don't know about a poker face, I think Gary may need a new set of cards!!.

I shall be back same time next week.

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Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I'm just flinching at the prospect of a Roy-Evelyn "romance." The woman is occasionally funny, particularly in her interactions with Dev and his unceasing pomposity. But she is still an incredibly nasty character and very vicious to Roy. How does this translate to an underlying fondness....? And with a character as straightforward as Roy, let's just accept his statement that he can't stand her! I just don't see Roy caring for someone as mean-spirited as her,not when both he and Hayley are/were so generous. It would be like re-living his horrible childhood when he endured his mother's constant put-downs.

Roy and Mary are much better-suited, if he must be paired off romantically. She's much more intelligent, for one, and intellectually curious, while Evelyn is a stereotypically narrow-minded and judgemental old woman. so please no Roy and Evelyn...unless it's a long-simmering feud.Put her with Dev, if the producer needs a coupling.

coconno196 said...

Trying not to be ageist, but the actress playing Roy and Mary are 70 and 43. Mary first appeared as Norris's stalker, even more ridiculous as Malcolm Hebden is 79. I know there are many successful age gap partnerships, but Corrie has too many unlikely pairings. Not just age, but people who have nothing in common.

Bring Back Todd/Bruno .... said...

Anon 13:16 - Think back to classic corrie, when Deirdre and Ray got together. They had spent ages, months and months, being nasty to each other and it turned out all along that they loved one another. So maybe Evelyn's sharp tongue is hiding something else. And I don't agree that she's an "incredibly nasty character" - I think she's great.

Humpty Dumpty said...

In other hands, Evelyn could have become a two-dimensional nasty piece of work. Maureen Lipman plays the character just right - comedy and pathos in equal measures. I'm pretty sure she will become a much-loved character in time. Roy & Evelyn will be a dream team, which doesn't mean they have to be a romantic couple but certainly they will be, at least, very good friends. Evelyn has deep emotional wounds which we will find out about in time, and she attacks before she's hurt. Roy & Hayley were a lovely, peaceful couple but without much humour. They were sometimes the butt of other people's jokes but comedy didn't a play a part in their relationship. We will hopefully see another side to Roy as he energetically spars with Evelyn, and another side to David Nielson. A masterclass from two brilliant actors.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: Wow! I had no idea that the actor who played Roy is 70--he looks and acts much younger, especially when compared with Norris. So he is pretty old for Mary, though I think her character is supposed to be slightly older than the actress who plays her while I think Roy's charaacter is supposed to be slightly younger than the actor.
But I still think a romantic pairing of Roy and Evelyn a terrible idea and a close friendship implausible. Their natures and values are so antithetical. The essence of Roy, as I see him anyways, is that he doesn't understand or abide by social niceties and conventions--that's why he commits numerous faux pas, but also why he is able to see below the surface to the person who is really there. That's why he loved Becky and Hayley; he was able to see who they truly were, not what society and gender expectations defined them as. Meanwhile Evelyn is undoubtedly funny and like Blanche wonderful in her put-downs, but she is the opposite of Roy--very judgmental. Her comedy and put-downs depend on her reducing other people to one-dimensional caricatures; that's why she's funny. As to nasty, she IS nasty--the writers have made her that way, sometimes almost gratuitously. She lacks the generousity that was/is another distinguishing trait of Hayley and Roy.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anyone told the factory workers that shares can go down as well as up?


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