Friday, 12 July 2019

New Corrie character Jade will rock Fiz and Tyrone's world

In The Sun'z Bizarre TV column, they "reveal" that a new character called Jade will be joining the show and she's going to cause problems for Fiz and Tyrone.

Jade will be played by Lottie Henshall.

Jade comes into the show as Hope returns to Coronation Street after attending a specialist school in Birmingham when her behavioural issues spiralled out of control.

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun: “Jade arrives as a teaching assistant from Birmingham, who Fiz asks to help Hope readjust and settle back into the family home. As Hope loves Jade, Fiz invites her to stay and tutor her daughter. Her character drives a wedge between Tyrone and Fiz after she moves in with them.”

Lottie confirmed the news on Twitter, @LottieHenshall saying: News travels fast ey! But yessy, it’s true. I’ll be playing Jade in Coronation Street. I can’t wait to be walking the cobbles everyday and having a pint in the Rovers. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

So, just like Carmel moving in with Gail and Martin in Classic Corrie.

Anonymous said...

Another person moving into that tiny little house. I assume that Evelyn must be moving out.

Louby said...

Great, another reason for Fizz to shriek and whine all the time. I used to like her years ago but not so much now. I hoped that she would return a bit happier!

coconno196 said...

We can but hope that the friction is about how to handle Hope, and not yet another affair.

popcorn said...

@Louby - Not Fiz's fault. Blame the writers here.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Not just Carmel and Martin, but wasn't this done with Ashley, Claire and the babysitter as well? Please don't let her be another bunny boiler! That is such a tedious story line; and surely, a tutor or babysitter can enter the house without going after the dad.

Anonymous said...

almost wish Fiz didn't return. she drags tyrone down as a character.

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