Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Imran lies to Claudia

The previews are in for next week’s Coronation Street and Imran tries an underhand tactic to buy Claudia’s flat from her.

Imran uses insider information to offer Claudia £10k under the asking price for her flat. He knows the bail hostel plans have been dropped but she doesn’t. Toyah’s deeply uneasy to realise he intends to rip off a neighbour.

Toyah frets about the flat purchase, unhappy at the thought of ripping off Claudia. Unable to live with the guilt, Toyah steals herself to tell Claudia the truth.

Glenda Young

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Anonymous said...

Bonnie in Canada:

Seriously? Toyah didn't tell Peter the surrogate lost their baby, she passed off another couple's child as their own, and she's uneasy because Imran is being dodgy with Claudia? Maybe it only bothers her if other people are dishonest.

CK said...

And Mr. Righteous Imran, so very critical of Nick's scheming but when it comes to himself, that's okay. Totally agree about Toyah!

Anonymous said...

I also agree about Toyah's hyporcrisy especially since she was willing to deny a grieving Johnny his only grandchild watching him and the family mourn Aidan after his suicide while she had Aidan's daughter upstairs in the Rovers.
I wonder if making Imram unethical all of a sudden is a contrived ploy to redeem Toyah after what she and Eva put the Connors through?

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