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Sunday 14 July 2019

Corrie weekly update – Bananas and Bangkok

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Nick and David are up in court after a week in jail for being in the same room as their gran when they should’ve kept their distance (or something). Nick says he’ll tell the truth in court about nicking his gran’s cash and David’s relieved. But when Nick takes the stand in court he lies and blames his brain injury. I don’t know about Nick’s brain but I feel like my head’s been done in by this storyline that’s left me confused and utterly perplexed. It’s gone on longer than Brexit.  Long story short, David’s in jail and Nick’s free. Don’t ask me, I don’t know.  But the best bit of all this week was Gail leaving her family behind and jetting off to Bangkok on her own. 

Steve takes Tiny the horse and dresses him up as a unicorn to hire him out to a children’s party for cold, hard cash. Steve doesn’t want Tim to find out what’s going on, but no secrets are safe in the world of soap and Tim is not best pleased. 

Alya snogs Ryan this week and Eileen snogs Jan. Seb wanted to snog Alina but when he turned up at her nail bar workplace despite her telling him not to, she turns him away. Again. Then when he returns, despite her telling him not to, he’s told Alina doesn’t work there any more.  I love Seb, I really do, but for heavens sake give him something to do.

Meanwhile, Robert continues lying to Michelle and Vicky.

Elsewhere, Sinead gets good news at her cancer scan which shows that the tumour’s shrank. To celebrate, Daniel books a holiday in the Lake District and just as they’re above to leave, Sinead gets a reminder of a meeting she has with a chain of urdressers who want her to make a barrel of beard oil. Cases are unpacked, holidays are cancelled and it’s all go on the beard oil front. 

Over at the factory, Sarah’s been keeping the place together while Carla’s been ill and Nick was in jail. So when Nick tells Sarah he’s coming back to work, she tells him he’s not. She’s taking legal advice from Adam to take the factory over. But Adam of course has designs on the factory himself, having always felt it should’ve been his. So is Adam helping Sarah, or himself?

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm equally perplexed about this Abel & Cain storyline. Because neither brother is a saint, it should make for interesting viewing eg: who do you root for? But David & Shona don't work for me as a couple which means David has become dull. Nick simply doesn't work for me at any level, including this new version of sinister and devious older sibling. So the upshot is, does anyone care? Gail's departure to Bangkok must lead into another storyline otherwise it doesn't make sense. Or perhaps Helen Worth is having a summer break and will eventually return to the Street, alone or in company, with a great suntan.

coconno196 said...

Urdresser's - I love it !😀

Anonymous said...

Daniel booked a cottage on the Scottish Borders near Gretna Green which is not the Lake District.


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