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Thursday 11 July 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 9th and 11th December 1992

There was a glitch in the budding Angie/Hot Builder Neil romance when Denise revealed he was her husband.  Angie accused him of taking advantage, but he said they were separated, and when Denise confirmed the story they made it up.  Steve's decision to fake his driving test pass bit him on the backside when he got t-boned by a drunk while driving Mike's Jag.  He gave his name to the police as Kevin Webster and begged the real Kev to cover for him.  The Happy Hour was a success, so Bet went to the staff for other suggestions.  They started handing out free sarnies and laid on a pianist.  Sally told Carmel to back off Martin and Gail because they were happy.  She told them Sally had been mean to her, but not why. When she took the Platt kids to Percy at the grotto she told another mum David was her son; Percy overheard and told Sally.  She told Gail in the pub and said she found Carmel very odd.  Tracy got Ken round for dinner - because apparently when she looked like Dawn Acton she loved to cook - and told him Mike Baldwin was Mark's real dad.  He stormed out of the house, furious.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 14th and 16th December 1992

Denise opened the salon with her assistant Fiona.  Bet was straight in there to get her legs waxed while smoking a fag because she is glamour personified.  Under pressure from Mike, Kevin caved and handed in his licence at the police station.  Ken confronted Maggie about Mark, and she rightly told him it was none of his business.  He apologised and they stuck together.  Maggie invited him round for Christmas dinner.  Percy accused Alf of serving dodgy Christmas puddings.  To prove him wrong, Alf ate an entire pudding in the Rovers in front of everyone.  He then collapsed at a posh dinner.  Audrey was convinced he was dying and Gail rushed to her side.  Martin returned from the nurses' Christmas party absolutely hammered and collapsed into bed, unaware that Carmel was already in there.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 18th and 21st December 1992

Martin woke up to find Carmel in his bedroom.  He was horrified and told her to sling her hook.  She went back to Ireland for Christmas, but not before telling him they were destined to be together, because she's quite mad.  Martin told Don all about it, and how he was sure nothing happened, and Don advised him not to tell Gail.  Mike ran into Nicky and Mark in the cafe, and learned that Mark's stepdad was now dead.  It gave him pause for thought and he told Alma he had a son.  Alf was diagnosed with an ulcer, which amused Audrey, and she resolved to put him on a diet over Christmas.  Elsewhere, people were making plans for the holidays.  Don escaped a Christmas with just him and Ivy by wangling an invite to the Platts.  Mavis and Derek got an unexpected guest in the form of Gerry the school gerbil.  With no Alec or Vicky, Raquel decided to cheer Bet up with an elaborate Christmas meal of goose neck, so Bet invited Rita over for moral support.  And Curly and Des escaped a lonely festive season by booking a getaway in Blackpool.  Now I wonder why Des picked that town of all places...

Annoyingly, there's no Classic Corrie on Thursday or Friday because of the racing.  We'll have to wait until next week to find out how everyone's turkeys turn out.  Join my complaining on Twitter @merseytart.

Classic Corrie is usually on ITV3 on weekdays at 14:50, when the gee-gees aren't running.

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