Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Tristan Gemmill interview: Corrie wedding woes

Since Carla uncovered Robert’s steroid abuse and he was forced to come clean to Michelle, Robert has promised her he’s no longer taking steroids, is Robert true to his word? 
Yes he is true to his word, he’s given up the steroids at Michelle’s request. Robert’s had a moment of clarity, although in his head he wasn’t really doing anything wrong, he was simply using the steroids for self improvement, when Carla pointed out the bruises on Michelle’s arms Robert realises that maybe it is too much and it’s having a negative effect on his relationship.

Robert has an addictive personality and he realises he’s gone too far, what was it that initially led him to get involved with steroids?
After the testicular cancer operation Robert had a real knock to his confidence. The steroid addiction came out of being given this reprieve, being cancer free, having a new lease of life. His way of dealing with that was by throwing himself into it, getting in shape and making the most of this reprieve he’s been given. In the course of that he stumbled across the wrong people in the gym and started using steroids to enhance his workout. In his mind he wasn’t hurting anyone so he could justify it to himself within the scope of his addiction.

How is Michelle and Robert’s relationship holding up to this latest revelation?
Michelle is really frustrated by this, more than Robert was expecting and it’s a real slap in the face for Robert as he realises he risks losing Michelle because of the road he’s gone down. It seems there’s always something getting in the way of their happiness.

How important is Michelle to Robert?
Michelle is everything to Robert and that gives me the clue of how to play him, he’s been a bit of a wanderer in the past but this is the most solid relationship he’s had and he’s desperate to hold onto that and not mess it up.

Are Robert and Michelle still heading for a wedding?
Yes they they’re still planning their wedding, it’s a sign of new beginnings and Robert’s keen to mark that. 

As they’re looking to the future Robert starts to suffer some health problems, what happens?
Robert has a slightly addictive personality, he needs something to push himself with and he’s found he likes his new exercise regime, the slight vanity of being in shape for a man of his age, so he keeps doing the same exercise programme he was following while on steroids but without the assistance of the steroids. He’s pushing his body to the limits and we see him starting to have issues with that. He’s having chest pains and you start to wonder if he’s pushing himself too hard.

Is Robert worried about his health?
He puts that in the ‘too hard’ basket and he doesn’t let it stop him from carrying on. If he is scared he certainly doesn’t let on. 

Does he tell Michelle about the chest pains?
No because that would be far too sensible!

Could we see a situation where Robert has put himself in jeopardy and could have some health complications as a result?
Yes, his counter argument would be that he’s very well aware of the dangers of addiction and he’s not in any danger. But due to the steroids he’s become addicted to a certain level of exercise and his body can’t cope with it. 

Does Robert need a wake-up call?
Probably because he’s not someone who is going to admit to what he sees as any sign of weakness that would lead him to have to ease back, that’s not his strong point.

With Robert’s addictive personality could we see him substituting the gym with something else?
As long as it’s not a danger to his health or to him and Michelle’s safety, maybe a sudoku or chess addiction but that’s not as dramatically interesting.

Would you like to see Michelle and Robert’s wedding go ahead and them live happily ever after?
They've been through a lot together so it would be nice to see them have a moment of happiness, it would be great to see them have a lovely successful wedding day but whether that actually happens the gods of Coronation Street will decide so you’ll have to keep tuned.  

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Laura said...

This is nothing at all against the actor, but come on. The amount of misery and health problems plaguing this character and relationship are ridiculous. The man owns a restaurant - can we not have some story lines regarding that and his problems dealing with the storage of olives, rather than his entire existence revolving around his "addictive personality" and relationship problems with Michelle?

When Robert first returned people complained he was too boring. He was living with Tracy, doing a lot of cooking, being a good role model for Amy, and in general a moral compass for Tracy. Then he decided to keep Nick's, after knowing it had been bought by Tracy blackmailing Carla, and everything quickly went downhill from there. He took a fancy to Michelle, revealed a history of drug issues, etc., etc., and here we are. The sympathy well runs dry quickly for a character who has become so thoroughly unlikable.

And guess what - the character is STILL boring. Get him away from Michelle and these issue storylines, and try something different, please!

Laura said...

Just thought of something else utterly ridiculous - the way he carried on about Tracy's duplicity and tendency to keep things to herself, and ultimately broke up with her over the fact that she lied to him and he was just so morally outraged by that (but not so morally outraged that he felt the need to stop the sale of the restaurant)...it just comes across as so much more hypocritical now, after everything he and Michelle have done. Perhaps Robert and Michelle are kindred spirits after all!

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