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Qasim Akhtar interview: Zeedan to divorce Rana?

Does Zeedan genuinely think that he can win Rana back?
It’s a case of love is blind and he is so in love with this girl, he can’t see anything else beyond that. Because she is around him all the time, they live together, in his heart he thinks there is a chance. Someone else may say she is giving him the wrong vibe but in his mind, he thinks he can win her back. 

Do you think he would forgive her?
In the state that his mind is in now, I would say yes but further down the line he might get fed up and think what a mistake. But in the mindset he is in now, one hundred percent he would forgive her straight away. 

How is he affected by what her parents tried to do?
He was in the middle of it all, trying to get her away from what is going on. It was more of a priority for him than anyone because he thought that the girl he loves who he is trying to win back is about to be sent to Pakistan and that he might never see her again. 

Zeedan has this ideal of happy ever after with Rana, do you think that is realistic?
It’s unrealistic if they stay around Coronation Street but in his mind if things do work out then they can get away from Weatherfield, start a new life and start a family. I don’t know how it would pan out if Kate was still around. 

Zeedan is a troubled soul in many ways, do you think he is looking for his happy ever after because of everything that has happened in his past?
Yes, one hundred percent. With what he had to go through in his life, losing both parents at such a young age in the manner that he lost them, and then to get married and lose his wife as well, it is just the icing on the cake and he can’t handle. The one person that came and fulfilled his sadness was Rana. 

In this week, Yasmeen is worried that Zeedan is getting his hopes up when Rana offers to help out at Speed Daal. What happens?
Zeedan thinks that what people are saying to him is true but he doesn’t want to believe it because he is so in love with this girl. So when his grandma does say that he needs to move on, he finds that very hypocritical because she is technically still married to Sharif. Yasmeen takes this onboard and decides that she is going to get a divorce. 

How does Zeedan feel about that?
He is cool with it, Sharif is not in the picture anymore so why should Yasmeen still be married to him?

When the journalist interviews Zeedan and Rana about their business, Zeedan is quite happy to play along with the romantic, couple picture.
The situation makes Rana feel really uncomfortable and she nearly ends up telling the journalist that Zeedan is all fake but she manages to hold it in. She walks out which leaves Zeedan in an awkward position because the journalist is so confused. 

Is this what pushes Zeedan to prove that something is going on between Sophie and Kate? There’s a moment when Zeedan sees Sophie comforting Kate, does he see this as a solution for him?
Yes Zeedan has tried a few other things that haven’t seemed to work like keeping Rana and Kate apart. Zeedan thinks, “what can I really do to make Rana come back to me and leave Kate?” So he starts digging for information about what Sophie and Kate are up to and that’s when he starts taking the pictures. 

It all backfires because Rana then tells him she wants a divorce. Does Zeedan really believe that it is over now?
Yes that’s when it starts to hit home; he decides that this is probably it now because he’s heard it from her mouth now. She’s never, ever said that before and she has been giving him mixed signals that makes Zeedan feel like its old times again. All these things have been building up inside so when she turns around and says she wants a divorce, he realises that this is a blind situation and that he needs to open his eyes. 

The anger then spills over to a stranger. Although Zeedan is quite an angry man, we’ve never seen him actually losing it. Is that a reaction to what has happened?
Yes and it just looks like he lashes out and then there has been this rage that has been stuck inside him from for so long and that he has just let it out on the first person that he thought he could do. 

Do you like Zeedan? Would you be his mate?
I would have to put him straight about a few things but I think that we would get on. He is very caring and he is very loyal to his grandma and his sister and that’s the main thing that I love about him. He is ambitious, he was at the Bistro and realised he was a great chef and with some kind of financial backing he can create his own business and he did it, one way or another. It was a bit of a loophole to get there, bribing Rana’s parents, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s got to do! 

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