Thursday, 10 May 2018

Gail's speech from last night's Coronation Street

Last night's hour-long Coronation Street was written by Jonathan Harvey.  

Here, below, is Gail's speech, lovingly captured word for word from Jonathan Harvey's script by Corrie fan Paul Lanagan, who is on Twitter @CorrieArt.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

It wasn't so much what Gail said because you could pick holes in it quite easily 'Without being nosey' ...? etc, but the style was so completely different from what we usually see on Corrie. Gail looks out of the window and initially we see what she sees, and then we have a collage of street life. Very interesting. It was the kind of monologue you hear on stage when the actor comes to the front, facing the audience, and thinks aloud. Last night, Audrey was there but Gail wasn't really talking to her. Helen Worth did it so well and about time she was given something to work with.

abbyk said...

Gail has been written as such a silly girl for a long time but she wasn’t always. I’m glad Helen Worth got to deliver what was the key takeaway from this evening, you never really know. Running the montage of other characters reacting really brought home how much everyone touches so many others, even the ones you only know to say hi.

coconno196 said...

Very well done. Not just the speech, but the scenes of various people receiving the sad news and quietly sharing their grief. Much more effective than Kate and Maria weeping and wailing.

Shells said...

It was a beautiful speech, and Helen Worth delivered it so well. Had me in tears.

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