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Saturday 24 February 2018

Corrie weekly update – If you have been affected by these issues...

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This week on Corrie one of the episodes opened with the announcer telling us that it “may contain scenes which viewers might find upsetting” and it ended with “if you’ve been affected by any of these issues…”  

Whatever happened to sitting back, relaxing, enjoying and soaking up a soap? Sigh. 

Another week with too many hospital scenes. Carla, Aidan and Nicola were all in hospital this week. Carla received Aidan’s kidney and in return she told Johnny she’s going to give him her shares of the factory.  Nicola was also wired up to a machine this week in the Weatherfield Ward after complications with her appendix and bowel. Enough, please Corrie. Too many “dramatic” hospital scenes lose any impact they’re supposed to have and fans are losing the will to care.

However, it’s not all been as dismal. There were some lovely scenes in the hospital when Roy went to kiss Carla goodbye as she was wheeled into the operating theatre and instead of planting a kiss on her cheek, Carla turned her head so that Roy had to kiss her full on the lips. And while Carla was under the knife in surgery, Roy and Johnny bonded over their shared love of her too. A nice touch, I thought. 

And at Nicola’s bedside, Phelan sat with tears in his eyes and told Nicola he didn’t want anything to do with her any more after he found out that she’s been harbouring Seb in her flat. He’s a complicated chap, Pat, as all of the best soap villains are.

Elsewhere this week, Billy’s junkie brother Lee turns up with methadone for Billy’s pain. Billy sweats his way through the week, lying to his friends and being a rubbish dad to Summer who is failing at school because of the carer role she’s forced into at home.   When Sarah sees Lee she’s terrified as he was the one who kidnapped her last time he was on the Street. David takes it upon himself to protect his sister and with the help of his new (and only) mate Josh, the two lads bundle Lee into the back of a van and give him a kicking. It’s a nasty storyline this one and it’s going to get darker too.

Meanwhile, with all the focus on the Connor clan this week and their kidney swap storyline, poor Jenny has been feeling left out after Johnny puts his kids first and her second. Jenny walks out of the flat feeling rejected and over a shared couple of cans of beer with Kev Webster, he helps her get a bit of perspective on what’s going on. This was a lovely scene between two old friends, more please.

Steve’s called on to act as referee between his mum and Eileen after they go head to head in a slanging match about Pat Phelan. Liz only wants to warn Eileen against the man she’s married to but Eileen won’t hear a bad word said against him and the two women fight in the pub. 

And that’s just about that for this week.  
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Anonymous said...

We have to be realistic here, a size of 80 cast members - surely there is bound to be a lot of hospital storylines. Gone the days where an episode is dedicated to finding a missing cat. It does not fit within today's society of impatient people who want some excitement in their lives.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Billy will be the next one in hospital, mark my words. He'll collapse in the street and someone will call an ambulance. Grandma Geraldine will swoop Summer away, or try to. I don't mind hospital scenes if they are at all realistic and the same goes for the medical centre, where everyone gets seen immediately. The staff even rush out on to the street to help a casualty. As if. My medical centre/GP surgery doesn't have any first-aiders. The hospitals are always empty with no sign of the pressure that they are under. Why not use some of the hospital storylines to show (not explosively) the problems? Or is that too political?

JennyMac said...

It's a joke in our house. Who will be next in "The Wetherfield Wing?" with tubes up their nose?
Always in a private room, no matter what they go in with. Always recover after a few days perfectly well, although Aidan is looking a bit dodgy, but he is leaving isn't he.
We call it Sighing Street now, everybody has been to the drama school of sighing lately. :)

Lenka said...

What was that comment of Sarah's about not jumping into bed with men she hardly knows?!!!


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