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Thursday 15 February 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 14th Feb 2018 7.30pm

Welcome to your first visit to tonight's Corrie double. I've been in meetings all day in Manchester (ironically) so I've managed to avoid all the saccharine social media 'valentines day' posts. Can the same be said for tonight's trip down Weatherfield ?.

It's fair to middling if I'm honest.

Following Bethany's sacking, Craig takes her flowers as a PC peace offering. Bethany refuses and the flowers end up in the bin. Is it the end for this already lacklustre relationship?.
Seeking solace in her mother Sarah, Bethany decides to play cupid for her Mum and Aidan. But with Aidan having a Kidney operation next week, will his heart really be beating for a new romance?.

A vengeful Adam is hardly feeling the love either. Having been unceremoniously dumped by Eva, the solicitors 'drugging the vicar' plan appears to be in full swing, but at who's expense?. Billy and Summer appear truly lost without Todd. Summer tries her best to help Billy, but her 'Cinderella' act has her losing his drugs instead of a slipper. Before long she's ostracised by her school friends, and her teacher is being harassed by granny Geraldine. With Billy suddenly 'missing', Summer misses the school bus home. Will she accept a lift from a stranger?.

Maybe she could choose to run instead, as the whole street appears be taking time out to do a charity fun run, on a Wednesday afternoon (?). The 'Run For Your Wife' competition is tonight's comedy compensation. Only Mary could have me laughing out loud, warming up the residents like 'Mr Motivator' and screeching at Michelle. Brilliant corrie! and the daft fancy dress outfits are again paraded. But where's Dev in his wig?

Is was, of course, some light relief amidst tonight's protruding darkness. As Billy's all-consuming drug dependency sinks deeper, is an overdose the 'wake up' call he needs?. If Eva isn't his saviour, could the streets new GP come to the vicar's aid?.

That's me done for another week, I'm off to 'Run For My Wife' down Victoria Street- Happy Valentines day all!

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C in Canada said...

I'm not enjoying this storyline of Billy's at all. Completely ruined the character with a completely implausible storyline, nevermind the drugs etc.

Anonymous said...

Really, the Powers That Be ruined it for themselves when they sacked Bruno Langley - it's had a domino effect on so many characters and storylines.

Bring him back! He's paid his price!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I find the Summer storyline just too sad.To see a little girl struggling so hard to cope and to protect the people who are supposed to be looking after her. And now Billy's supposed to get hooked on heroin which will undoubtedly make things ten times worse for her. The storyline is realistic in a grim, everyday way--I'm sure there are lots of kids facing this!-which makes it exceptionally depressing. At least, I can appreciate the Phelan storyline a bit more! Since it's so preposterous and would never actually happen, I can just sit back and enjoy it!

abbyk said...

Of all people to come to the aid of a damsel in distress (and good on you, Summer, for walking away), in comes Phelan on his white horse. Too bad he didn’t show the guy his credentials.

The drugging story is OTT and preposterous. I’m glad Eva Girl Genius has cottoned on to to Adam’s wrong-doing. Is he trying to get himself locked up and disbarred?

Rapunzel said...

That had no choice especially in the current climate.

But I offen wonder how the Adam revenge story was supposed to play out had Todd still been around.

Anonymous said...

OK, so replace him with a different actor, it's not like they haven't done that before. The character of Todd is so important to so many storylines, they have really shot themselves in the foot.

Although personally, I would welcome Bruno back with open arms.

Tvor said...

Oneof the more amusing "blink and you missed it" moments was Jude wasting no time picking Craig's roses out of the bin and giving them to Angie! Inherited his mother's practical nature, I see!

Eryn said...

Bethany has been terrible to Craig! He can do so much better! The Vicar as a Junkie storyline is awful. They’ve ruined that character and Adam’s as well. Bring back Shelley Unwin and Chatlie’s Baby to cause trouble for Tracey as Shelley sets her sights on Steve lol


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