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Sunday 25 February 2018

Liz and Eileen - the end of a beautiful friendship?

At the moment, Liz is my favourite female character. She has overtaken Carla, whose return has left me a bit ‘meh’ for some reason I can’t put my finger on.

It’s undoubtedly the place for Liz – behind the bar at The Rovers. She is also working at the Medical Centre and enjoying it more, freed from the constraints of Moira. So, Liz’s working life is going well,  and though she won’t be earning a fortune, she’ll earn enough to live on and to indulge now and then in some glamorous gear.

So far so good but, at the moment, Liz is somewhat deprived of friends. Erica’s gone and Eileen and Liz are not on the best of terms after Liz told Eileen that she was not keen on Phelan. Liz spots Eileen and runs up to her, suggesting they go for lunch. Eileen though is with her beloved husband. She asks him whether she should go, and Phelan says she should. Graciously, Liz invites him to join them. He turns her invitation down saying that the 2 women don’t really want his ugly mug with them. Rather nastily, just when Liz is showing her excitement at the 2 of them having lunch, Eileen takes the wind out of Liz’s sails and tells Liz to take her rollers out, thus quashing Liz’s exuberance, quite cruelly.

The 2 old friends meet for lunch, but far from it being a reconciliation, it is a disaster. Initially, it’s fine. Two old friends ‘putting the world to rights.’ But it quickly descends into an argument and the 2 women throw insults at each other concerning their choice of men. Tony Stewart is mentioned – he was Eileen’s first and the father of Jason and then, years later, he turned to Liz. He cheated on Liz with Tracy of all people and we remember Liz’s cunning and devastating revenge. Jim MacDonald gets a mention too, a reminder from Eileen that he is in prison for armed robbery. The lunch that never was, ends with Eileen storming out as Michelle brings over their food. It seems too that Eileen has exploited Liz’s generosity by ordering an expensive steak and an expensive bottle of wine. Not one to waste a good red, Liz pours the remain from Eileen’s glass into her own and knocks it back.

The outcome of this failed reconciliation, I found to be quite depressing. Two old friends, now comfortably in middle age, arguing with and shouting at each other. Liz clearly doesn’t like Phelan – who does except for Eileen? And even she has had her suspicions, so I lay the blame for the fall-out squarely at Eileen’s feet.

Liz will forgive Eileen, immediately I’m sure, when the terrible truth emerges about Patrick Phelan. Eileen will need all the friends she can possibly get – as long as she doesn’t become another one of his victims.

By @Ruth1722

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Sophie Bird said...

Eileen used to be a good character with a great sense of humour. Now she is unpleasant with no redeeming qualities.

Bring Back Todd/Bruno.... said...

I've never been an Eileen fan, always found her to be too caustic. Her sense of humour - questionable. I don't believe Eileen and Liz were ever that pally - Liz was Deirdre's friend, Eileen was forced upon them due to TPTB not knowing what else to do with her. I'll be happy if Liz never has to speak to the old fishwife again.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's never seemed an authentic friendship, and usually it's off-screen ie: just popping round to see each other. There aren't many female friendships on Corrie anyway and, come to think of it, I thought Sally was Eileen's occasional friend. Eileen turned from low-key and witty to loud and nasty. An adult poking their tongue out behind someone's back is not in the least funny. Liz is a different kettle of fish, much more complex, and sympathetic. She needs a gang to hang out with as well as a bestie. How about Gail and a toned-down Gina for starters.

Flo said...

Perhaps once the truth is out about Pat, Liz will be there to comfort Eileen? Then we will see the true friendship side of it.

abbyk said...

That’s what I see happening as well. A real friend stands by you and Liz fits that description.

Anonymous said...

Since Phelan threatened Liz once before when she expressed concern about him drinking alcohol when she thought he was taking antibiotics[that were meant for Andy],I doubt Liz will stand by Eileen.
Deirdre was supposedly Liz's best friend too but despite that close friendship and the Barlows being Amy's grandparents Liz didn't support the Barlows when Peter was falsely accused of murdering Tina.Liz even knew about Peter's and Tina's affair and said nothing.
Eileen who also claimed to be Deirdre's 'best friend' didn't support her or Ken either so I hope everyone turns on her including Liz thus giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Anonymous said...

IMO the big return of Carla has flopped. If the new producer was going to 'wow' us with amazing never before seen explosive storylines, they're coming across like a bad fart.

Anonymous said...

I personally love the Eileen and Liz friendship - one of the best partnerships on the show! I especially liked the two of them with Deirdre. It's nice to see that even though Deirdre is gone this friendship can continue. I'm rather surprised to see the reception to it above as I always thought it was well received!


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