Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 14 Feb

Wednesday 14th February
SUMMER AND BILLY ARE STRUGGLING WITH TODD GONE Summer’s school work is starting to suffer as she tries to cope with the household chores but she is putting on a brave face. Billy is devastated when he realises she has accidently put the tablets he took from Izzy in the washing machine and he sets about trying to get some more from Adam. Later as the street is busy with the charity run Eileen and Eva are concerned when they can’t raise Billy and when Summer gets a call from them she fears the worst and risks getting a lift from a stranger in a car.
BETHANY LOSES IN LOVE BUT SETS UP SARAH Craig arrives with Valentine’s roses for Bethany, is it too little too late? Struggling with her own love life Bethany suggests to Aidan that he asks Sarah out on a date.
LIZ GETS A BLAST FROM THE PAST Liz is shocked to discover that the new GP trainee on placement at the practice is none other than Michelle’s biological son Alex.
ELSEWHERE Michelle tells Robert they have managed to pay off their debts. Tyrone arranges a night out with Sean to say thanks for his help.

Wednesday 14th February
EVA IS ON TO ADAM Eileen and Eva are shocked to find a comatose Billy in the flat and having found a bottle of dodgy looking painkillers Eva immediately suspects Adam. Billy breaks down and tells Eva and Eileen that the painkillers are the only thing keeping him going and they promise to help him get better.
ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR FOR BOTH BETHANY AND SARAH Bethany gives Sarah a makeover and tells her she has arranged for her to go on a date with Aidan. Sarah agrees on one condition… Bethany has to make up with Craig.
THE RACE BRINGS ROBERT TO HIS KNEES As the runners cross the finish line in the Race for your Wife charity run Robert drops to one knee and proposes to Michelle. Will she say yes?
ELSEWHERE Tyrone and Sean are mistaken for a couple on their night out. Alex tells Liz that he’s on a placement at the practice and has had very little contact with Michelle for years.

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