Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Michelle's son Alex returns to Coronation Street tonight

In tonight's Coronation Street, we'll see Michelle Connor's biological son Alex return to the show.  He's now calling himself Ali and he's on placement in the medical centre.

Tonight's preview for Corrie says this: Liz gets a blast from the past.  Liz is shocked to discover that the new GP trainee on placement at the practice is none other than Michelle’s biological son Alex.

Now then. Michelle's other son Ryan is also going to return to Coronation Street.

But fear not! 

We've written a short and sweet and very handy guide to Michelle's two sons, Ryan and Alex.

You can read it here.

See also: 

Read our interview with James Burrows who will play Alex (Ali) Neeson this time around.

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Smiley said...

Again, where did you get that Ryan is coming back? I have seen no press release of that?? I would love to know more? :)

Anonymous said...

Have missed a bit, why would Liz get a shock?

Anonymous said...

And how would Liz even recognise him? Wasn't he a young teen when he was last about? I only vaguely remember him, he was quite insignificant and long since forgotten about, even by his mother.

Zagg said...

Oh great. We're going to get more angst from Michelle.

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