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Thursday 22 February 2018

What's your favourite Corrie episode of all time?

An interesting question was posed on Twitter this week by Coronation Street fan Dean Graham.  He asked what single episode of Coronation Street fans would vote for if they had to vote for the best single episode of all time?

For this fan, I'd choose an episode from 2004 when Deirdre showed she was a woman of hidden talents. She took Sean's harmonica from him and belted out "Oh! Susanna!" and then a lovely version of "Amazing Grace".  The whole episode, from start to finish, is a delight, written by Daran Little.  

The episode is, on the face of it, a party in the Rovers to celebrate Dev and Sunita's engagement but there is so much more going on, especially between Deirdre and Blanche. Blanche berates Deirdre for going back to Ken after her fling with Mike and the two women fall out, but make up too. 

We also see Deirdre smoking in the ginnel, talking to Dev about her life.  It's a truly wonderful episode.

Which episode would YOU vote for as your single most favourite episode of Corrie?

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Jo said...

The one where Vera came for Jack when he passed away in his chair.... Beautifully done.

abbyk said...

For comedy, I’d chose The Barlows go to Peter’s AA Meeting. It’s not a whole episode but it earned a gold medal for its perfection in the comedy writing/acting combined.

For a whole episode, I thought Phelan’s Shootout at the Old Warehouse was uniquely engaging from start to finish. There wasn’t one frame out of place. Didn’t really belong on Corrie but it was a masterpiece. Haters gonna hate, but not me.

Anonymous said...

None in the last few years that's for sure!

C in Canada said...

Oh Abbyk beat me to it! That AA meeting had me in stitches!

Anonymous said...


I agree. There's also when Deirdre realized Tracy had deliberately killed Charlie, I'm not sure if it was in a single episode though.
Haley's death really was well acted.

70sStreetFan said...

The pre Christmas episode from 1982 is a classic, Focusing mainly on a dance at the Community Centre. Lots of humour and feel good moments. And poignant too,as its the last time we get so many of the classic characters together.

Where's Emily?? said...

The AA meeting was one of my favs...another favourite that the older viewers might remember..when Fred Gee wore a toupee...everyone pretended not to notice...until Uncle Albert Tatlock pointed it out...favourite comedy eps

One that made me cry? Hailey's death scene..broke my heart.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting question because it brings out the difference between a great scene and a great episode. I can remember many scenes that I loved, but it's harder to remember the entire episodes that worked on all levels. Flaming Nora, can you tell us the date of the episode you mentioned? I'd like to look for it on youtube. Thanks

dte_steve said...

For me, it’s the double episode on 24 September 1999 when Ashley Peakcock married Maxine. While the wedding was going on, Judy Mallet died in her back yard, while her husband Gary was performing best man duties. Meanwhile, Sharron Gaskell attempted to overdose upon discovering her fiancé had been cheating on her. An episode that deftly combined comedy, drama and tragedy - something that Corrie has always been renowned for (although is sadly lacking in recent times).

Anonymous said...

For me, it's Mike Baldwin's 60th party episode. It's character driven and is rich in history. I'm a bit confused as it sounds very similar to the party mentioned in the original post - Deirdre ends up talking to Dev about her life and how, while it may not be glamorous or exciting, she is happy. Unless she did that twice?!

Tyler said...

I don't know about episode, but my favourite scene is where Rita slaps Tina after she finds out that she's planning to run away with Peter.

Flo said...

Becky and Steve's 1st wedding, where she was so drunk it didn't happen.

I do agree with abbyk about the Phelan Warehouse episode, it was very well done. But it was more like a movie than a Corrie episode.

Tvor said...

The tram crash was unforgettable, along with the next few episodes that took us through that long night of death, hope, rescue and betrayal. Ashley's sacrifice, Sally keeping Molly awake and finding out about Kevin's affair just as Molly was dying, John Stape about to call the police to confess to Charlotte's murder when the tram hit just as he was going to press the last "9", Rita buried under a pile of sweets wondering why she has so much bad luck with trams.

But for comedy, I can remember one episode near Christmas in the old cafe where, through the day, one Santa turned into two, which turned into 4 which ended up filling the cafe, completely flabberghasting Roy who hired one of them to serve his dinner to he and Hayley later. I am not sure without looking it up, but was that the same episode where Derek Wilton was Santa at his works' do, passed out and got locked and had to escape out across the roof of a church where a drunken Jack Duckworth saw him while he and Curly were staggering home.

Anonymous said...

I think the Ian Mckellen eрisode where they all got high on рot at Roy's Rolls is also a classic! :)

Anonymous said...

A lot of people are conflating two different episodes! (Anonymous 23/2/18 at 07:22 - you're right, Deirdre and Dev in the ginnel was from the episode you mention)

I'll plump for the Len/Ken fight from 1962.


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