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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Who should Pat Phelan kill off next?

Andy Carver
Luke Britton
Vinny Ashford
Michael Rodwell

He's killed four people (OK, he left Michael to die) and chances are, he'll kill again before he's sent off to the Corrie villain museum in the sky.

But WHO would you like him to do away with next in Coronation Street?  At the rate things are going with the dreadful and unbelievable painkiller / drug addiction storyline, I'm going to have to say Billy, please. 

Just get rid of him, Pat, and do us all a favour.

Which one character would you like Pat Phelan to kill off next? 

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njblas said...


Humpty Dumpty said...

Yes, I was going to say 'himself', too! Other than that, Billy is a prime candidate. I don't care how unlikely the storyline would be. Moira, if she turns out to still be a pain. Perhaps Phelan gets murderously angry waiting to see the doctor but that's unlikely as everyone gets seen at the medical centre within five minutes. Brian and Cathy wouldn't be missed either.

Babs said...

I have a "Phelan" That he's going to kill Mona (The Project Manager of the Mill)

Eryn said...

Well there are a couple of possibilities...Mona from the Mill and Geraldine. Pat always surprises us, so when we think we may know who his next victim might be...wham! It’s not who was in the crosshairs originally lol
For example Seb, Nicola and Gary all look to be in danger. The victim certainly can’t be a major character.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling he's going to go after the man in the car who tried to give Summer a lift at school....why else did he ask her if she got his registration number? And when Summer said "No", Phelan said "Well I did".

He can also bump Eileen off, please.

Chris h said...

But if he killer mona another project manager would still want the canal emptying where andy and vinny are. I want that awful geraldine to be killed off vile woman

Anonymous said...

There's going to be a bloodbath I feel - oh the choices, the choices! :)

C in Canada said...

I was also going to say 'himself', but that's not likely, he loves himself too much.
Who knows? Gary maybe, he's been a thorn in his side for a long time.

Laura said...

Given how ridiculous this storyline has become anyway, may as well top it off with an "explosive" ending in which Phelan takes out Brian, Cathy, Sophie, Maria, Kate, Michelle, Robert, Eileen, Dev, Billy, Sinead, Chesney, Kevin, Alya and Toyah before fleeing the street. That would be a good start, and I might even be willing to see him get away with it so he can come back for the sole purpose of thinning the herd once in a while.

If I were to try to think of a likely next suspect though, Gary or Seb would be the prime candidates, followed by Nicola once the baby is born. So it will probably be Aiden and Eva, since they're leaving anyway and TPTB like to have unexpected "twists".

Dawn said...

Patrick Phelan will redoubtably be double-crossed by those he sees weak and a sheep. I think it will be Eileen. She had doubts and was sooo close to turning on him.

I hope he tries to murder Gary. That would be a showdown!

Anonymous said...

I'm not too sure I would want Phelan to kill off Gary who is trying to get justice for his mother.
If Phelan killed off Gary,then we would be subjected to Sarah's grief and tearful scenes thus the funeral will be all about her while Izzy the mother of his son will be forgotten just as she was when Gary was presumed dead in Ukraine.
I would love to see Phelan kill himself but frame Eileen for his 'murder' and she becomes Anna's cellmate!

Anonymous said...

I think the twin brother of Richard Hillman (from the sрin off Corrie film) should come in and kill Рhelan! :)

Anonymous said...

Kate Oates - the stories are horrible. Resurrect Stuart Blackburn.

Flo said...

Can we kill off Moira within 5 minutes of her return?

Louby said...

Sinead please, Daniel has a future of banality ahead of him now they are back together.

I would love to see Owen return to see Pat finally get his just desserts.

C in Canada said...

Hey, I'm with Louby on that! Poetic justice if Owen came back to get his own on Pat, and for Anna's sake as well.

Anonymous said...

For his character to have a major impact before he goes, and to possibly also outdo Richard Hillman, Phelan needs to kill off a character that's both long-running and beloved.

Murdering someone like Ken or Roy in a fit of anger would be a massive shock.

abbyk said...

Nicola. Whether by acccident or intent, the result would leave him in a state like none of the others and Connor McIntyre is soooo up to playing it. His end would have to follow shortly thereafter but nothing could twist him up as much as losing his only child and grand child.


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