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Monday 19 February 2018

Time to retire the Connor clan on Corrie

...well, most of them that is.

I've said it. As you read this I'm probably sat waiting for the backlash on Twitter for my words...but I genuinely believe that it is time to wave goodbye to the Connor family. If I'm quite honest with you, I've never been a fan, but as we're now in 2018 I can't help but feel they are the physical embodiment of the year 2010 being dragged out across the cobbles.

Obsessive Michelle Syndrome
Now I'm not quite sure why, but the writers adore Michelle Connor. Whilst Kym Marsh is a fantastic actress and her performance in last year's tragic storyline with the loss of baby Ruairi was phenomenal, I really think it is time for her to move onto the next step of her career, whatever that may be. Instead we've been treated with another vomit inducing round of 'Alex and Ryan', that hideous baby swap storyline from 2007 that was sharp forgotten about and was somewhat retconned come Sol Heras's tenure as Ryan a few years back. We're also now supposed to believe that despite knowing that his biological mum (who he was keen to avoid) lived within close proximity of the medical centre, Ali still accepted the work placement! Apparently Ryan is returning too, having not visited his mum in donkeys years, and that the person he loathed so much for ruining his teenage years is his reason to swan back to Weatherfield. I can just see this storyline dragging on through Michelle's tears and confusion, unable to remember which child she actually gave birth to.

Carla 2.0
One duration on the show was enough for Carla Connor. She'd well and truly had her day and as viewers I think we all accepted that it was the right time for her to move onto pastures new in Devon, given the street had actually ruined her life of sorts. Now we're expected to feel sorry for a woman who drank red wine with her cornflakes, whilst she scrapes around the relatives she's known for 5 minutes looking for a spare kidney. I really wish she'd just bugger off to the South again. The woman is now just a shadow of her former self, and is certainly no longer an icon. Alison King, you can do better than this.

Poor man's Mike Baldwin
Having a bloke in charge at Underworld would hark back to Mike Baldwin's days on the show, though Aidan Connor could not compare. First of all, he wasn't a short man with long hair and a cockney accent. He was a former Pop Idol (or some equally hideous talent show) winner. To give Shayne Ward his due, he's actually a good actor. I was dubious at first but he has proved himself. Sadly though, his character hasn't really had anything major to do. He's moved from woman to woman (now poor Sarah-Lou) and that's about it. I'll be glad to see the back of him later in the year.

...but everyone loves Jenny Bradley
I really bloody do. How can you not!? Not only is actress Sally Ann Matthews an absolutely divine person, but Jenny is hilarious in every sense of the word. Regardless of any marriage she will forever be Jenny Bradley. Every scene with Jenny in is simply joyous - even if she doesn't have dialogue, her expressions steal the show. Matched with Johnny, the pair make a compelling couple, and if they ever do move to Spain I hope it's just for a two week all inclusive. They're welcome to stay on Coronation Street with Kate for years to come.

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Leah said...

I couldn't disagree more.

Specifically RE Carla, I think Alison King is incredible (not that you've aid otherwise) and I think Carla Connor is a character that has so much potential still. She has so many sides to her, a lot has been explored already but I feel there is so much of her past that can still be explored and so many avenues given her complex character to further explore.

'Scrapes around relatives looking for a spare kidney' - have you actually watched the show and how desperate she was not to do the above! Only when she had no choice and her secret was exposed did she accept really. I can't wait to see her future on the show and hope she is there for years to come.

I love the fact the Connor clan is so much bigger now, I think they are the most interesting family on the street!

Thingmy said...

Carla,Johnny and Kate are my faves. Until recently I was so over Chelle and her arm folding, scowls and fishwife screams. I took a year off a la Carla and hey presto! Chelle has turned into Dawn Ward. Carla's non romantic relationships need explored a lot further, especially with her Johnny. (I love that she doesn't call him Dad) Hope Johnny doesn't leave but sees Jenny Bradley rolling her eyes at Carla and sorts her out lol

Anonymous said...

C in Canada:
It’s easy to say their time is over when already them are scheduled to depart inn’t it?
Carla is fabulous and I’m thrilled she’s back, and they didn’t toss her right back into the factory, nor with another feud with Tracy.
She’s doing something different which is great.
Hope Johnny and Jenny stick around too.

cubwriter said...

How can a story be vomit inducing when it has not even started yet?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Kym Marsh's acting skills have certainly improved. However, I dispute that Michelle's baby storyline was down to the skills of the actress. An enormous amount of effort - directing, writing etc etc - went into the storyline. I'm certain most of the actresses in that age group would have been equally excellent with so much attention. The test of a soap and its cast is whether they can make great drama out of nothing much. Johnny and Jenny, Tim and Sally are good examples. I've never been mad about Carla but that's because she's young enough to be my daughter. What a shame Carla doesn't have an Elsie Tanner-type aunt on the Street who won't hesitate to put her in her place. The old Carla got on my nerves in the end and I was pleased to see her go. I couldn't care less about this kidney donor thing we've got now. Never mind Alison King's excellent talents. As with Connor McIntyre, talent can't mask a rubbish storyline. Just to finish, Michelle is popular with tptb because Kym has a lot of social media followers. That's good for the advertisers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with every word you wrote MIchael, but I would also get rid of Kate. I am really fed up with Michelle why does every episode focus on her I agree the loss of the baby storyline she was very good but enough is enough let's get the humour back, looking at the classic Corrie with Bet & Alec, Jack & Vera it was funny with their bickering. I think some of the characters who were introduced were not developed eg Moira & Colin and Craig's dad and Cilla's friend I think her name was Yana? they could all have injected a bit of humour in, and what have the scriptwriters done to Mary? she was really funny until the son & family moved in full time.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie in Canada:

I agree with you, Michael, but I would give Kate the boot as well. And she could take the tedious Rana as well. I don't know why they brought Carla back, they had ruined the character by the time she left, imo.

Unknown said...

I agree. Time to "clean house" Carla shouldn't survive her transplant, Adian & Eva reunite & move to Spain with Jenny & Johnny. Kate can quietly fade away after her story line w/Rana. Michele can tell her boys to grow up & get over the switch. Need new characters!!!!

bluegardenia said...

I totally disagree with you. I think the Connor family is a welcome distraction from Pat Phelan. I am so sick of his story line and the idiocy of all those around him. Seems no one except Tim is prepared to believe what a monster Phelan is...
I love Carla. I welcome her return and while I don't like the May September romance with Daniel I think it is being handled well so far. I like the Kate and Rana story line as well. It's real. I'm not a fan or Michelle or Jenny Bradley [Connor]. There is zero charisma between Toya and Peter...and how convenient that Eva is pregnant. Brian is a bore. Roy is wonderful. Gemma is wonderful. Leanne gets on my nerves..I like her but she needs a story she's a great actress. That's my 2 pennies worth.

Thingmy said...

Personally I'd bin Leanne, toyah, fiz, tyrone, Mary's family, phelan, billy and one or two others. The Connor's are the least of Corrie's problems.

Thingmy said...

For one or two others read Maria Connor

Unknown said...

Keep Carla and Johnny. Get rid of Aiden and Kate. They do nothing for me. Can't stand Jenn y "flaming" Bradley so keep her.

Anonymous said...

Most of the current characters on Coronation Street could be removed with little loss to the show and with some of them it would be a great benefit. However of greatest e]benefit would be to remove the current producer.


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