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Saturday 17 February 2018

Corrie weekly update – Weatherfield WhamBam

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While Fiz is away, Sean becomes a domestic goddess and looks after Tyrone and the kids. It’s a nice match and a story I’m enjoying and I wonder why we never saw Sean and Norris chez nous in this way.  Tyrone offers to take Sean out for tea to say thank you. But he takes him out on Valentine’s night, to a swanky restaurant and the waiter thinks they’re a couple. Not only that, they have their photograph taken, much to Sean’s horror as he’s eyeing up the waiter, and the photo goes viral on the restaurant’s social media feed. 

Craig’s OCD spirals out of control this week and he loses out on a date with Bethany as he can’t leave the house. He’s back and forth counting knives, clicks on the oven, straightening things, turning electric sockets on and off, it’s awful to watch. He’s in a real state and I think everyone except those with a glass heart will be sympathising with him. 

Eva lies to Adam and tells him she’s moving away to do a beauty course. She’s not, she just wants to get away somewhere quiet to have the baby she’ll give to Toyah on her return. But Adam won’t let Eva go and he says he’ll go with her so Eva has to pretend she doesn’t like him and dumps him. Then she changes her mind, marches round to his flat to tell him the truth only to find him in bed with some woman he’s met on Weatherfield’s WhamBam app.   

Bethany gets sacked from Tassels when they find out that she’s underage. She sets her mum up on a date with Aidan Connor in the Bistro on Valentine’s night but Sarah says there wasn’t any spark between her and Aidan and she won’t be seeing him again.

Phelan’s problems look set to escalate - and about time too. He’s told that they’ll be building even more houses at The Mill site he and Gary are working on. The only thing is, the lake needs to be drained on the site – the same lake where Andy and Vinny’s bodies are buried.  Oh dear!

Billy the vicar goes through cold turkey in an effort to get off his addiction to painkillers that Adam Barlow has started.  There’s no support from those who Billy works with, not even from the GP, just Eva and her camomile tea.  I’m not buying this storyline at all, I’m afraid.  It’s all having an effect on Summer of course, she’s not coping well at school and after she misses the school bus she’s approached by a kerb crawler before Pat Phelan turns up and scares him off.

Speaking of GPs, a new trainee turns up at the medical centre and it’s a young man called Ali who turns out to be Michelle Connor’s son, the one that’s not Ryan.  Ryan, you’ll remember, was the son she brought up as her own and Alex (now Ali) is the one who is her biological son. He’s come back with an attitude about him that fair upsets Michelle.   

There was a lovely little scene this week between Bethany and Gail, on Valentine’s Day. Bethany asked her grandma which of her dead husbands she liked the best. Gail waxed lyrical about Brian’s nice hair and smile and she also got a mention of Susie Birchall in there too. A nice touch.

And finally this week from her hospital bed, Don Carla-eone summons people to her bedside and dispenses wisdom to Daniel: “Sinead still loves you.” She gives a gift of a red basque and knickers to Sinead: “Seduce him.” And then she dismisses Michelle and Robert who bring news of their engagement: “Go away, you’re boring me now.”  I loved all of this. More please.  And when I say more, I don't mean more hospital scenes. I mean more wonderful Carla lines.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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