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Monday 19 February 2018

Why the Connor family should stay in Coronation Street

Well, our blogger @MichealAdamsUK certainly put the cat among the Weatherfield pigeons with his blog post earlier today suggesting that the whole Connor family (bar a member of two) should be axed from Coronation Street.  You can read his blog post here.

Angry Corrie fans who love the Connor family took to Twitter after reading Michael's post. It certainly had a strong reaction - and that's what the blog is all about. We love hearing your views!

And so, we offered to turn the blog over to those who wished to express an alternate opinion.  Here we go with a post from @baileysbarlow

As if Mondays aren’t annoying enough, I stumbled upon a blog post on this particular day stating ‘most of [the Connor clan] should be axed.’ One scroll through your Twitter timeline and you’ll be aware it’s ruffled feathers. I agree, with the axing, in that I’m all for axing people with opinions along this line. It’s okay to have your own opinion, so long as you’re okay with being…well, wrong.

That’s an exaggeration, I promise I’m not that harsh really!

Nevertheless, the post in question discussed the members they’d like to see leave, so here you’ll find reasons for them, as a collective, staying on the Street.

Firstly, their ties to the other members of the street are as iconic as Carla’s cheekbones. The Connors have substantial links to the Barlows, who have links to the Battersbys, and to the McDonalds, even the Nazirs. They’re as intertwined as, well, themselves…if you catch my drift.

Without the Connors, there’d literally be missing pieces with almost every family. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Rana and Kate.) Not to mention our beloved Roy Cropper. His bond with Carla is one unlike any other, he’ll be damned if he has to lose her again, and not to the kidney failure.

The nation’s favourite knicker factory would go under without Aidan and Carla. Let’s be real, who else would realistically run it? Underworld would probably be turned into a Starbucks to rival the Costa Coffee. Like our poor Roy hasn’t suffered enough this far. The factory is also another one of the aforementioned substantial links, it’s (permanent) loss would leave residents destitute. The Rovers and the Bistro would also struggle to turn over a profit without the Connors’ many family meetings, and Johnny’s many speeches.

Moreover, a lack of Connors will certainly equal a lack of viewers. To the majority of people, myself included, the Connors are -the only reason to watch- Corrie. Axing members of the clan would be a prime example of the show shooting themselves in the foot, no matter how tenuous the link may seem to the untrained eye, I can assure you the Connors are considerably meaningful. This family is the reason behind friendships as close of that of ‘Carchelle’ forming and quite frankly, I’m confident the Connors have touched everyone’s lives at some point. For the better.

By @baileysbarlow

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Anonymous said...

Bonnie in Canada:

I will brave the slings and arrows to say I wouldn't mind a bit if all the Connors were written out.

Michelle: sick to death of her. Nothing against the actress, but I've had enough of Michelle's screeching and eyerolling to last me a lifetime.

Aiden: had potential but they did nothing with him.

Kate: seemed pointless from the get go.

Johnny: since he married Jenny Flamin' Bradley has barely been featured, so unless he started up the factory again, why would he stay?

Carla: I'll start by saying I like Carla, but the writers ruined the character for me in the lead up to her departure. No way would the real Carla ever have backed down to Tracy Barlow. And now that she's back, after she gets a new kidney what will she do? Run the factory again? I read somewhere that Alison King only agreed to return if there were new ideas for Carla, which doesn't seem to be the case. And Carla was really not a very nice person. Then TPTB decided that she cared deeply about Hayley and developed the friendship between Carla and Roy. It's lovely, I agree, but not enough to keep her there.

All this is only my opinion, so fire away, lol!

Anonymous said...

Unlike Bonnie, I am not a fan of Carla and wasn't looking forward to her return - that hasn't changed. Neither am I a fan of Michelle or Kate. I like Johnny and Aiden. But to me, the whole crux of the matter is....these Connors could never match up to the Baldwin clan...the Connors were usurpers right from the get go and never ever gelled in the street for me. So yes, they can all go.

Shells said...

I generally enjoy the Connors, but some of them could be written a little better. Poor, underused Aiden. He had great potential. Johnny and Jenny are a lot of fun and I'd like to see more of them. I like Kate - she's feisty even if her love triangle is a little tiresome. Michelle is a wet blanket, and could be featured a bit less. Maria is just kind of glue between characters and families. And Carla just needs a good story to sink her teeth into. I don't feel like the kidney disease story is quite enough yet for her. When she is mixing it up with Peter and the Barlows and the Battersby's, she is most dynamic.

Shells said...

To add, I really enjoyed Aiden and Eva. I think there was more for him to do and I don't know why they are writing him out. Even Aiden and Maria had potential. He came on a ladies man - what happened?


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