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Thursday 22 February 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 21st Feb 2018 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog. It's just the half-hour slot tonight as it's the Brit awards (my money is on Ed Sheeran, we all love a redhead on Corrie). So what happened in tonight's episode?. Let's find out...

Nicola is settling in at number 11 and is on leave from work. With Phelan and Eileen both busy, she scouts around the house for 'evidence' but Pat has his tracks covered, he's also pinched Nicola's flat keys.

Confused with 'pilly Billy's' Lazarus style withdrawal recovery, Eileen heads over to his flat and corners him for an answer. The vicar breaks another sin and lies to Mrs Phelan, he says he's feigning recovery for Summer's sake, but as he's running low on methadone.. that lie shan't last for long.

Over at the medical centre, Phelan drops in for a 'knee appointment' and returning receptionist Liz suggests Eileen could do with a break in Barcelona. Phelan isn't feeling jovial and dismisses Liz's idea. It isn't long before Liz spills the beans on Pat's controlling behaviour and the best friends are soon arguing about Eileen's choice of husband. Has Liz now come under Phelan's radar?.

Meanwhile, Jenny also drops into the medical centre, armed with her new Spanish address and dreams of leaving Weatherfield. However, with Roy needing to go to Hastings to care for his Mum, will Johnny leave a recovering Carla and Aidan in the lurch?. Of course not. A 3-month delay soon dashes Jenny's dreams, and as Carla gives her factory shares back to Aidan (he does not look well!) Johnny decides to go back to the factory helm. Jenny plays it cool-but how long before my favourite Corrie redhead explodes?.

As Phelan arrives back at N0.11, Nicola is on a sneaky phone call to Seb. Quickly ending the call and leaving the room, Phelan sneaks back the 'borrowed' keys and keeps a copy for himself. Nicola smugly thinks shes outwitted Pat, but we all know otherwise.

Proposing to Eileen that 'the devil makes work for idle hands' and that 'certain people' need to be removed from your life, are Pat's prophecies foreshadowing more murderous events?.
Has he got his eyes on a new victim?. Are Liz or Nicola safe?. Whats Phelan's plans with the keys?.

Do enjoy watching the nations favourite redhead on the Brit awards. Mine, however, will always be Jenny Bradley...oh for a trikini!.

I shall be back for another episode review, this time next week.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm beginning to love Jenny, the young Mrs Connor. She doesn't eye roll and she's stopped panto smirking. Great understated performance - other actresses please note. Best of all, there's great connection between Jenny and Johnny.

Anonymous said...

How convenient it is for all these Corrie residents to have sick relatives they need to keep going to look after.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong but Roy heading off to look after his sick mother again seems ominous? I wonder if he will return? I haven't read anywhere that David Neilson is quitting the show but nothing is impossible. After all, Eileen Derbyshire claimed that she was only taking a break of a few months in 2015 and there is no indication that she will ever return as Emily. Apparently there is as yet no firm date as to when Roy will return. I do not know if David Neilson has any other work arranged in the meantime like the theatre work he did when he last took a break a couple of years or so ago.

C in Canada said...

I wish Emily would return of course, but Anon's post above reminded me of how great Sylvia was when she was living with Roy. I wish they'd bring her back too.

Anonymous said...

How did Liz end up back at the Medical Centre, thought she was sacked?

Anonymous said...

Liz is a terrible medical receptionist. She never seems to do any work, just stands and gossips to her friends and neighbours. No way would they have asked her back.

Anonymous said...

Why is Nicola on leave from work and living at Eileens?


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