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Tuesday 27 February 2018

Dolly-Rose Campbell interview: Gemma and Tyrone's kiss

Where has Tyrone and Gemma’s friendship started? 

Their friendship has been building around the time of Chesney’s wedding as they rally together to be there for Chesney. Now Gemma has been there for Tyrone because he is having some difficult times at home and she’s just being a good mate.

Tell us about what happens when he opens up to Gemma about Ruby.

When he opens up about Ruby and his fears for how she might be like Kirsty, Gemma is sympathetic towards him but also she doesn’t believe that that’s the case. She doesn’t believe that just because her mum had problems that she’s going to have problems so she reassures him.

What happens when Hope and Ruby run off? 

Whilst Gemma and Tyrone are chatting in the street and are distracted, Hope and Ruby run off into the factory. They are playing with a saw and so Tyrone and Gemma know they need to break down the door to get them out.

What’s Gemma thinking in that moment? 

She’s just thinking about how she can get the kids out as fast as she can and make sure that they’re safe. Gemma smashes the door down and saves the day.

What does Tyrone do?

He’s grateful to her for helping him to get the kids out because in the moment he’s just so panicked and he doesn’t know what to do.

Tell us what happens when Gemma calls in to No. 5?

Gemma calls in and finds that there’s just Tyrone and Ruby there because Hope and Fiz have gone to stay with Chesney. Tyrone is really lost so Gemma tells him to go and get some beers and that she’d try her best to cheer him up.

Gemma’s not had a good time relationship-wise either,  has she? 

No she’s had quite the palava with Henry. She’s very disappointed with the way things turned out with Henry and the way that Chesney defended her has made her see Chesney in a new light but these feelings are not reciprocated.  Her feelings are pretty hurt at the minute.

What is Gemma’s first thoughts when Tyrone leans in for the kiss? 

It is out of the blue! Gemma wasn’t expecting this from Tyrone so she is surprised by it. But she’s at a low point.

In your opinion, do you think that Gemma and Tyrone suit? 

No. Gemma is flattered that somebody like Tyrone might be interested in her because the kind of guys that have been interested in her in the past have either not stayed around or they’re like Henry and they haven’t been interested for the right reasons.

What’s it like working with Alan Halsall? 

It’s great fun, he’s very funny. He’s really good with the children as well when they’re in the scene.

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