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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Lucy Fallon interview: "Bethany's charged with GBH!"

What does Bethany leave her job at the salon?
She has a go at an older male customer who pays her a compliment, she asks him if he would have said that to her if she was a male hairdresser. Then she hears Audrey, David and Craig talking about her and she is furious.

What does she do about getting a new job?
She knows that Tassels has a new owner so she asks her friend Sam if she thinks she would be able to get an audition. She goes down to the bar and asks the new manager and he agrees to take her on.

Is she pleased to be back lap dancing?
Well the thing is the club has changed from what it was like and she notices the girls are wearing much skimpier outfits. The manager hands her one of the bikinis but she says she has brought her own clothes to wear. She still wants to call the shots but she gets the sense that it might not be like it was when Lulu was running it.

What happens when she starts dancing?
The new owner makes her go and dance for one specific table of men out on a stag night and they are very hands on trying to grab her and no one tells them to stop. When she worked for Lulu it was very much a no touching policy. The men are getting up very close and she starts to feel very panicky.

Why does she think she sees Nathan?
The stag in the group starts getting really close and in her face and she has a total panic attack and flashback to when she was with Nathan and his gang and all she can see in her head is Nathan.

How does she react?
It is pure instinct she grabs a bottle and smashes it on the table then glasses him with it. It is very quick, she doesn’t even have time to think about it, the next thing he’s bleeding everywhere and the police have been called.

What happens at the police station?
She is charged with GBH she is very upset and Sarah suggests that she needs to get some help and go back for more counselling but initially she is not sure and doesn’t think it can help her. She is at a real low at this point.

How do you think this whole experience has changed her?
WIthout a doubt it has changed her forever, and the lap dancing chapter has been another part of her journey. She was doing it because she felt like she was in control and now she knows that she wasn’t and that she put herself in more danger and is potentially going to have a criminal record.

How is this going to affect her relationship with Craig?
Well Craig blames himself and it starts to trigger his OCD, She notices he is behaving strangely but she doesn’t understand. Hopefully she can be there for him once she realises what he is going through.

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