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Monday 26 February 2018

Coronation Street Friday 23rd February episode review


 Hiya! It’s just Jordan with my thought on this week’s Friday episodes. I bet it’s a bit of a surprise when I actually post something, given that my reviews have been very sporadic as of late. I am really struggling to keep up with Corrie at the minute. It’s just not interesting anymore. And yet I love writing these reviews; they are rather cathartic.  Anyway, awkward fumbling introduction over, on with a recap and review of Friday’s double bill…

 The jig is up for Nicola and Gary. As always, Phelan is just that one step ahead of everyone else and has worked out that they are spying on him. He wastes no time in putting a stop to this plot (something the writers could learn from) and immediately confronts Gary about it, dismissing him from the building site. Around this time, knocked-up Nic is doing her good deed for the day and has called in to see Sarah at number 8, urging her to give Gary another chance. She assures her that there is nothing going on between them and promises that the baby was a result of a one night stand. And almost on cue, she starts to have pains. Although she’s thankfully not going into labour just yet. Sarah calls an ambulance and alerts Gary and soon they’re all at the hospital, Nicola collecting the communal hospital gown from Carla on her way in. It turns out that she has a ruptured appendix and doctors have to perform emergency surgery which could result in miscarriage. Fortunately, however, everything turns out fine. That is until Phelan drops a bombshell by the hospital bed. He tells Nicola he knows all about her scheme and candidly announces that they are to have nothing more to do with each other.


Remember Billy’s long lost brother who had a stint last year? Well the druggie has made a return to the Street almost as unexplained as his original exit.  Once upon a time he kidnapped Sarah, a detail I’d forgotten, and as soon as Sarah claps eyes on him, she panics. She rushes to David and he enlists the help of new friend Josh, who manages to kidnap Lee in broad daylight and bundle  him into the back of a van and take him to some disused place and threaten him with a spanner. Over at the Connors’, Jenny is starting to feel pushed out of the family she recently married into. She’s trying hard to fit in at the homecoming party for Carla following her successful kidney transplant and somehow always finds herself alienated.  After hearing yet another family tale (about an alcoholic aunt who used to over feed everyone), she makes an excuse to leave and bumps into old flame Kevin Webster on the Street. He invites her back to his for a drink and over a can of Stallion each, she rants endlessly about how she’s the outsider in the family. She’s got a point, to be fair. All of her plans have been put on hold because none of Johnny’s “kids” have flown the nest yet. I did wonder whether this is going to lead to a typical soap affair. But I think we all know the real reason why Jenny is struggling to fit in with the Connors. She hasn’t dyed her hair black yet.

Elsewhere, the daft but very entertaining argument between Liz and Eileen continued. Everyone but Eileen can see Phelan for what he really is and she did not like Liz pointing this out one bit. Today’s argument lead to Liz spectacularly barring Eileen from the pub that is no longer hers. As well as all that, the ramifications of Summer and her lack of schoolwork are only just beginning. After falling behind after going on the run with one of her dads and nursing the other back to health after falling in slow-mo from a cliff, the teen is paired up with Amy Barlow to try and get some history project help. That doesn’t seem to go well, though, as soon after their study session, Summer is seen destroying a USB stick which supposedly contained Amy’s work. Oh no!

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Jan said...

How refreshing that Jenny and Kevin just had a drink and talked without it leading to a trip to the bedroom.


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