Friday, 12 January 2018

Peter and Carla back together - Yay or Nay?

Next week in Coronation Street, we'll see Toyah become increasingly jealous as she reckons Peter still has a bit of a thing for Carla.  You can find out more on that here.

Certainly, in the very brief scene we saw this week when Carla popped her perfectly lovely head around the door of the back room at the Rovers to say hello to Peter, there was more sexual chemistry between them in that very short scene then there ever has been between Peter and Toyah.

So, is Toyah right to be jealous, I wonder?

And would you like to see Peter and Carla back together - Yay or Nay?  They were terrible together, always bringing out the worst in each other - and some of the best Corrie drama in years.

So from me it's Yay, Yay, Yay.

That's a Yay.

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Emma Hynes said...

100% Yay!

Anonymous said...

C in Canada:
Toyah hasn’t really lived up to all the hype she got for her big return, so I really don’t care if she and Peter stay together.
Yes, Peter and Carla did bring out the worst in each other, but the big question for me is, how can they ever get past Tina?
Unless CS rewrites history, or forgets it entirely, which they’ve done in the past!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Carla fan so I don't care who she shacks up with. But I will say, Carla and Peter are closer in age than Peter and Toyah, so they look better together.

But you should never go backwards.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't like Peter & Toyah together; so awful it defies any explanation. If Peter and Carla get back together, it will simply be churning out the old stuff about Carla the man-snatcher. What might be interesting is if they were the star-crossed lovers who could never make it last - similar to Len and Elsie while he was married to Rita. Chris G and Alison K have fantastic chemistry but that doesn't mean their characters should be matched. Much more tension if their consciences stop them taking things further. However, I would still like Toyah to leave or, at least, split with Peter who should then hook up with Leanne.

Susan Shaffer said...

Yay! I’m certain, definitely yay!

Anonymous said...

No cause Carla was always well out of his league and he's just gross. She should be with Michelle anyway

Anonymous said...

A massive Nay from me, Peter belongs with Leanne!

Anonymous said...

He should stay with toyah its more his level. Carla should get another hot new businessman type who is loaded

Anonymous said...

How about letting her character move on, grow as a human being. The actress left because of same old-same-old. She was promised things would be different this time.

Anonymous said...

YAY from me too.

I think they'd be crazy not to reunite Peter and Carla. There's so much chemistry there - even if they're just looking at each other, it's undeniable. And Chris Gascoyne and Alison King are superb.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie in Canada:
No way. I agree with everyone who said Peter and Carla have more chemistry, and I'm wondering why Toyah was even brought back as they've made her so blah. But Carla the man stealer is old news, and I didn't enjoy it when she pursued Peter relentlessly, even though he was married and Leanne had just lost a baby. I don't mind Carla, but she's not the saint everyone makes out. She was pretty awful until the writers decided to make her nice to Hayley when she was ill and then become friends with Roy.

Marion Carrigan said...

100% yay!!!! Love them together!!!!

Linda Shockley said...

I agree with those who say that Toyah is bland. At first, she was a one-trick pony with her obsession over having a baby. I haven't seen that for a while but she is just dull, dull, dull. Carla would certainly add some spark to Peter's life. So I guess I'm on the yay side.

Anonymous said...

Peter is wasted with the Battersbys. That set up just doesn't work and he's sort of been pushed into the background!

I became a fan of Peter Barlow when his friendship with Carla first started 8 years ago! That's pretty much when I became a fan of Carla too.
I remember Corrie was building up to the 50th Anniversary and Nick and Leanne were having an affair - that was the big story but it was Carla and Peter who were compelling me to watch.
The writing was fantastic. The acting was amazing. There was such a clever build up and nothing was contrived like it often is today.

I honestly don't think the writers could have anticipated how much of a spark there would be between the characters or how well the actors worked together.

Eryn Clarke said...

What about the baby?

Milan said...

I think the saddest thing about the Peter and Carla story was the break up of the Peter, Simon and Leanne family unit. Peter and Leanne had finally found true happiness and I feel as though the writers took it away a little prematurely, it did make for good storytelling though.

Although I agree that Peter and Carla have chemistry together, I actually think Peter seems a lot more happy and at ease with Leanne. He seems tense around Toyah in the same way he did around Carla. Leanne doesn't spoil and smother Peter in the way that they do. Leanne seems like she genuinely loves Peter whereas Carla/Toyah want to possess him. In any case, both the Peter/Carla and Peter/Toyah stories were born from the Peter/Leanne relationship and that feels more like the primary story. There's a rather hilarious scene in retrospect in early 2011 where Leanne plans on asking Carla to be her bridesmaid because Toyah couldn't make, little did she know she was choosing between her husband's next two lovers. I think deep down Peter probably cares for a Leanne most of all of the three women as well.

So that'll be a nay, I think the writers should give the Peter and Leanne story another go

Karan Gendron said...

Nay!!! I love them but no let Peter and Toyah figure life out. Carla and Rana’s brother would be more the same speed. Will be mice to see Leanne get a nice guy.

Flo said...

I have mixed feelings about this, but I think they both need new partners, and not necessarily each other. Yes, they had great chemistry, but times have changed and a lot has happened. Peter and Toyah are dull as dishwater though.

popcorn said...

While I agree that Peter and Toyah have zero chemistry, and that Peter and Carla have great chemistry, the fact remains that Peter and Carla are bad for each other.
I agree with Milan who pointed out that Peter was much more relaxed with Leanne. However, I still feel that Leanne and Steve belong together, and that Leanne is the only character with enough nouse to assume the title of landlady from Liz.
Carla needs to be without a serious partner for awhile, as she needs to work on herself. I think the friendship between her and Roy should suffice for some time.

LG said...

MY heart is saying YAY too - because I think they belong together and sadly, for me Peter has lost his spark since he's been stuck with Toyah/Leanne and Eva.

The spark between Peter and Carla is evident but I can't see Carla wanting to reunite with him after he treated her so badly so he'd surely have his work cut out for him to win her back.

Anonymous said...

Absolute Yay from me Toyah and Peter are rubbish together. No idea why they where paired together. I enjoyed Chloe and Peter last year, but Carla and Peter are soulmates. I never liked Leanne and Peter either. Carter all the way

Anonymous said...

I'm with those that say Peter is much better off with Leanne, it seems that after all these years their scenes still seem to work together. Whereas after some years certain pairings become stale. Peter and Carla were utterly miserable to watch together, every scene was so intense and I think Carla always loved Liam and Peter was just something she latched on to.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I think ultimately that Peter and Carla are meant to be! They're one of those couples that belong together and when they're with other people, it just seems wrong. They're kindred spirits.

He's been stuck with Toyah and Leanne for far too long. It's a boring set up.
I'm glad that Peter might actually have a chance to live again lol. I miss the drama and yes, I really miss his undeniable chemistry with Carla.

Anonymous said...

I'd bin the battersbys altogether. I love the idea of Carla and Peter as a romantic at heart but the realist in me is much stronger and Carla would and neither should take him back but he will always pine for her and what he lost etc. There will always be a strong connection between them but that's it and sometimes that's enough to plod along as friends-ish. Carla needs to be alone, sort her (self) out and move on with her life. If she learnt to love herself properly we might actually get somewhere with her.

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