Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 14 June


KATE DISCOVERS THE TRUTH ABOUT JOHNNY Kate confronts Johnny demanding to know what’s going on. Johnny admits he’s been diagnosed with MS, he doesn’t want Jenny to become his carer and she must never find out. Kate’s stunned. Alone in his flat, Johnny stumbles, hits his head on the coffee table and passes out, unconscious.
ADAM DISCOVERS AIDAN AND MARIA’S SECRET Maria confides in David that she’s given Aidan an ultimatum and is confident he’ll choose her over Eva. David’s not convinced, but when Aidan tells Maria he wants to be with her and he’ll break up with Eva, Maria’s thrilled and agrees to be patient while Aidan lets Eva down gently. As they kiss secretly in the ginnel, neither of them notices Adam taking a picture on his phone.
KEN OFFERS DANIEL A LIFELINE Worried about Daniel’s state of mind, Ken suggests he should see a therapist and offers to pay but Daniel reckons he doesn’t deserve any help.
ELSEWHERE Audrey does her best to persuade David to forgive Gail, pointing out that Max and Lily need their grandma. Will David be swayed?

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