Sunday, 4 June 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for May 29 to June 2

Perfect Timing award: Denise showed up just in time to prevent Daniel from attacking Ken again.

Bully award: While Nick did need telling, Peter and Steve were a bit overly harsh, suggesting he throw himself in the sea.

Rock bottom: Daniel and Nick, also a rather watery bottom for Nick nearly.

Delusional award: Denise thinks Daniel was and still is better off without her. Have you seen that boy today? That's what being better off without you has done to him.

Pants on Fire award: Ken lied to the police about what happened, and says he'll swear to it in court!

Continuity fail: Ken insisted he fell on the stairs himself and hit his head on the bannister. Surely the police would have checked for blood and there should have been some considering how much there was on the book that actually did make contact. That evidence or lack thereof still can't convict Daniel if Ken denies the attack, though I wish DS MacKinnon had brought it up. 

Delusional award: Oh Bethany, how can you *still* not see what Nathan's doing!?

Lines of the week:
Ken about his attacker, thinking it's Adam "You think you know somebody" Daniel *gulp*
Leanne to Nick "It's not Peter or Steve I want to stay away from my boys, it's you" (ouch)
Daniel to Ken "You own life has been seventy-odd years of abject failure"
Denise "You should kick the door in" Ken "I'm 77"
Cathy "Brian! Take control or I will!"
Leanne "Nick. You nearly died today. And that changes everything" (no, not really. He wouldn't be long reverting back to form if he stayed)
Anna "I'm like a Canadian Mountie, I always get me man...woman"
Nick "I need a reboot, Mum" (yes, yes, you do)
DS McKinnon "If the old fool wants to protect his nearest and dearest, it's his funeral"

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Cobblestone said...

Does anyone else think McKinnon's whole look and demeanour seems to have been softened lately? She seemed (and looked) much rougher when investigating Maria. She even laughed on Friday night - that's a first. I'm wondering if these coppers are being lined up for an ongoing role once the new police station is built and Craig's spending more time there.

Maricha said...

You're probably right. If there's a station it needs police officers, why not hire the actors who already played those roles?

Anonymous said...

@ Cobblestone, great insight. I hadn't thought of the idea of ongoing storylines at the new police station. Does that mean that the whole crooked copper Neil story is destined to continue and bring in other characters in addition to Craig?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Well, Craig had to get a job two minutes from his house, just like everyone else on the Street. Would a police officer be stationed amongst family and friends, not sure about that. I expect the police station, like the medical centre, will be always be open when required.

Anonymous said...

After Nick implied that Steve overdosed Oliver on purpose to get back at HIM and rather than come forward as Peter's alibi was willing to let Peter [and possibly Leanne for giving a false alibi]go to jail for his father's assault thus putting Simon [whom he claims he 'loves']through the trauma of his father going to jail,I don't blame either Steve and Peter for telling Nick to go jump in the lake so do speak!

Corriegated Cardboard said...

neither. he has turned into a very nasty piece of work of late

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