Monday, 1 August 2016

Caz - your time is up! Please pack your kit and leave

Yes, you Caz - it is now your time to depart the cobbles. There, that's told her. Now, let me explain why she has to go.

Caz Hammond, who arrived in November last year, has no further reason to remain in Weatherfield. Kate has told her, in no uncertain terms, that she doesn't want to see her any more and that she no longer loves her.  No doubt though, Caz is living in hope that Kate will change her mind, fall in love with her again and they'll get married. It seems unlikely.

Caz has lied repeatedly about her parachute training accident and hobbled around for several months trying to maintain the lie. Both viewers and Kate have now discovered, due to the arrival of the army's representative, who spoke of the forthcoming court martial, that Caz sustained the injury due to a fight. She is due to attend a court martial concerning the incident. According to Caz,  desperate for excuses, the girl she fought was making homophobic comments and so Caz tore into her. Hmmm.

Luke is not at all happy about the fact that Caz is staying at Maria's flat and he has made his feelings more than clear to Maria: 'She's a nutter!'

When Liam was playing with his toy car it ran over Caz's ankle, but Caz reacted as if a truck had run over her foot and not just a child's toy. Luke then informs Maria that he found a painkiller Caz claimed to need, down the sink. No wonder then that Luke is intolerant of Caz's presence. Sophie is also a good deal less than convinced about Caz's parachute training accident.  Maria has been told, in no uncertain terms, that Caz is playing her, but Maria refuses to listen and is all sympathy, telling Caz that she can stay in her flat as long as she needs, to sort herself out.

In the Rovers, Kylie's killer, Clayton, was pestering Kate. Caz, seeing red, rounded on him and fought him off. A good deed in itself but one which clearly revealed that her ankle was perfectly fine. Caz did try to ham it up a bit when she realised she had given the game away, but it was too late. Kate, shortly afterwards gives Caz her marching orders (bit of a pun there!). Caz wails, 'You're all I care about, all I've got left. She adds, 'My love life's in tatters and my career is hanging by a thread!'

What we don't yet know is almost anything about Caz's background. Might there be a clue in her past life which would explain why she seems so deeply troubled? If so, it would be interesting to find out.

Sadly, the relationship between Kate and Caz, in my view, failed to convince. This is not a criticism of each individual actor, just a comment on how some screen relationships don't quite hit the mark of credibility. Much of their time together, unfortunately, appeared forced and contrived.

Ruth Owen. Twitter @ruth1722

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70sStreetFan said...

Ruth,your decision not to criticise the actors involved in this story is very charitable!

Anonymous said...

Never mind her back story - we aren't interested. Let's just have her gone.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I have a strong feeling that the writers conference throw hundreds of ideas up in the air without a lot of discussion. Write some scenes, see how they go and whether the fans take to the new characters/storylines - in other words, suck it and see. If they don't work out, they're on to the next experiment. Evidence: Caz, Cathy's nephew, Maria's fiancé (what was that all about?)As far as Caz goes, she's in a triangle with Sophie and Kate. One of these actors had to be very strong to carry the rather unlikely storylines. That's why it's not working.

Anonymous said...

She should absolutely stay because what this show desperately needs is a villain.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you are being sarcastic.

Ryan Oxley said...

Humpty Dumpy has pretty much nailed this on. Some storylines are disappearing/reappearing at random threads.
1. Izzy in Jail - 0% gossip from the factory girls...
2. Anna/Kev- she's in the cafe, he's disappeared (tyrone is suddenly a taxi driver, after the annexe crash?).
Also bizarre pairings and the return of the weak willed men.Steve with Leanne and now Aidan with Maria?!!.

Some strange goings on, down that Street lately ..
Good blog post Ruth :)

Ruth Owen said...

Many thanks, Ryan

Anonymous said...

strange things happening on the street is putting it mildly - agree with Humpty Dumpty - the writers just don't seem to know where anything is going - everything seems to be willy-nilly - here today - gone next week.
When the media announced that Caz was joining the show their was hint of more domestic violence - now all we have is Caz running around like a crazy loon, living at Maria's, while Luke is nowhere to be found and Maria is going to embark on an affair with Aidan - poor Liam and Ozzy the dog have gone missing for eons - he must be camping out with Jake (Izzy & Gary's never seen child), Jack & Kevin, Harry (now that Sarah is home) - Fizz & Tyrone and family -

Anonymous said...

If only Maria had kept her big nose out of it, Caz would have not had anywhere to go and would have left the Street already. More of the boring, pointless yahoo clan.

Zagg said...

Caz always felt like a temporary character. There is no need for her to still be on the street. Maria offering her a place to stay was lame. And she must come from somewhere, so she should just go back to her family or whatever. And really she could take Maria with her. She has become a very superfluous character. What happened to the gay husband? Another lame Maria story that went no where.I'm still rolling my eyes over that embarrassing lion costume scene. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Caz always did feel temporary, and I'm sorry to say - just unlikeable, I could not care less what happens to her.
What is the point of Corrie going six episodes per week if it's going to be full of 'filler' storylines that go nowhere? Maria and yer man from Cyprus/Argentina/I Forget Where being a prime example!

Anonymous said...

I agree its a super blog post and Ryan is right, lots of weird and interesting stuff happening on them there cobbles. Caz has to go shes a crap actress, there I said it for you :)

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