Sunday, 3 January 2016

Take the Coronation Street Mastermind challenge

This week on the BBC's Celebrity Mastermind, John Humphrys put the questions to a panel including 6Music presenter Chris Hawkins

Chris answered questions on his specialist subject which was Coronation Street from 2005.

His chosen charity was The Christie hospital in Manchester.  You can follow Chris on twitter at @ChrisHawkinsUK

Chris did a sterling job and scored 10 out of 11.  But could you do better?  
Here's the link to the iPlayer where you can watch the programme - Chris comes on first with his Corrie questions.  

And for those outside of the UK who can't view the iPlayer, here's the list of questions.  You'll find the answers here.  Good luck and let us know how you do!

1. Who joined the Coronation Street cast in 2014 playing the burglar Michael Rodwell?
2. Which much-loved long running character died in July 2015 six months after the actress who had played her for 42 years died?
3. In which building on the Street did Violet Wilson give birth to her son Dylan in February 2008?
4. Who did Peter Barlow kiss on the day of his marriage to Carla Connor - he was later wrongly convicted of her murder after she was killed by Rob Donovan?
5. In 2005 Sir Ian McKellen appeared on the Street as Mel Hutchwright, the author of a steamy bodice-ripper who had been invited to visit the Weatherfield Book Club to talk about its novel. What was its title? 
6. Les was so excited when a famous rock band played at his and Cilla's wedding that he fulfilled a life-long dream of trashing the contents of a room only to find that he'd destroyed his own wedding presents. Which band was it?
7. To which city did Sarah-Louise Platt take Bethany after she accepted a job offer from her Uncle Stephen?
8. What was the name of Chesney's Great Dane, he was named after a famous Manchester United goalkeeper?
9. In 2011 which character played by the original cast member Philip Lowrie returned to the Street after a 43 year absence?
10. Tracy was serving a life sentence for the murder of her lover Charlie Stubbs when she was allowed out of prison on temporary release to attend whose funeral?
11. What was the professional name of the children's entertainer Jesse Chadwick played by Jon Thomson, who moved in with Eileen Grimshaw in 2009?

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Anonymous said...

Well they were easy questions, I got them all right!

Canuktuk said...

Actually, while I could picture everyone involved, my mind went blank on many names. I can't imagine the additional pressure of television. I think he did really well!!

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