Friday, 8 January 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 8 January

Friday 8th January
ROY RESOLVES TO FIGHT FOR CATHY Roy unburdens himself to Carla telling her how he and Cathy have broken up and it’s all his doing. Carla’s adamant that Roy shouldn’t give up and must try harder to win her round. At home Cathy gathers up Alan and Nessa’s love letters and dropping them in the bin, sets fire to them. Taking Carla’s words on board, Roy sets off for Cathy’s house, with Nessa in pursuit. But will they arrive in time as the fire has taken hold of the house and Cathy struggles to breathe.
KEVIN’S CLEAN UP BACKFIRES Having discovered some graffiti on the garage wall, Kevin phones the council. But when Tim and Sally lead Sophie and Kevin to the ginnel and reveal the blank wall where Maddie’s mural used to be, Kevin blames himself, realising the council must have cleaned it off.  Sally vows to kick up a fuss. Meanwhile Sophie clocks the chemistry between Kevin and Anna.
MARY FALLS FOR BRENDAN’S CHARMS When Brendan calls for Mary, Norris gives him a flea in his ear and tells Mary she’s making a terrible mistake. Will Mary have the support of any of her friends?
ELSEWHERE In the factory, Kate does her best to restore order but Carla and Aidan refuse to discuss the situation with Johnny. Nick insists that he Carla and Robert sit down to discuss wedding menus. Carla and Robert cover their guilt. Tyrone confides in Kevin that they’ve got a date for Hope’s operation but he’s fallen behind on his loan repayments.

Friday 8th January
ROY COMES TO CATHY’S RESCUE Cathy lies semi-conscious in her smoke filled living room crying out for help. As Roy and Nessa let themselves in, they’re engulfed in smoke. Roy orders Nessa to phone the fire brigade as he rescues Cathy from her burning house. Thanking him for saving her life, Cathy collapses in Roy’s arms. Will Roy’s heroics bring the couple back together? Meanwhile as Cathy is loaded into the ambulance, she bitterly explains to Nessa that the fire whilst burning the offending love letters. Nessa arrives in the pub in a state and tells Ken about the fire at Cathy’s house. Taking Nessa back to No.1, Ken suggests they go their separate ways. Will Nessa be able to talk Ken round or is their relationship over?
ROMANCE BLOSSOMS FOR KEVIN AND ANNA Anna leads Sophie, Sally, Tim and Kevin to the ginnel and reveals Craig and Caitlin hard at work on a replacement mural in memory of Maddie. Sophie’s touched as Craig explains it was Anna’s idea. In the cafĂ© Kevin suggests to Anna that they bin the singles night and go out with each other, how will Anna respond?
MARY TAKES THE PLUNGE WITH BRENDAN Brendan takes Mary for a meal and telling her there’s nowhere in the world he’d rather be, gazes at her adoringly. Mary swoons. When Mary suggests to Brendan that they finish their evening at No.7 as Dev is out, Brendan’s thrilled. Alone together, Brendan assures Mary she means everything to him. Taken in by his flattery will Mary lead Brendan upstairs?
ELSEWHERE As Nick and Robert talk wedding menus, Kate arrives with some factory paperwork. Grabbing the excuse to leave, Carla hurries out with Kate.

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Anonymous said...

I love Roy and Cathy. They are my favourite characters. Hopefully, his heroics will reunite them. I also think Anna and Kevin will make a good couple.

Anonymous said...

it's about time that we have some good old fashioned love on the street - forget about all the fooling around with other people - please give us couples that are suited for each other and respect each other.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Anonymous 2.21 that's what I love about Roy and Cathy. A proper old fashioned romance. They love each other and are able to show it without all the usual tactile things and sex. David Neilson and Melanie Hill are a great pairing and act them so well.

Anonymous said...

That is what I love about Roy and Cathy. Old fashioned romance. They love each other and it is clear without the need for the usual tactile stuff and sex. Great acting from David Neilson and Melanie Hill. Hope they keep them together.

Anonymous said...

That's why I love Roy and Cathy. It's a proper old-fashioned romance and they show love without the need for over the top tactile stuff and sex. It's brilliant and so well done. David Neilson and Melanie Hill are a great acting partnership and I hope they are kept together.

Anonymous said...

Precisely. There is nothing wrong with old-fashioned romance which is why I love Roy and Cathy. It has been so well done without the need for the usual over the top tactile things and sex. Their unfussy chemistry is great and David Neilson and Melanie Hill are such a fantastic on screen pairing who act this kind of love out so effectively. There are enough couples cheating and fooling around as you say. Let's keep Roy and Cathy together to offset that.

Anonymous said...

Carla giving relationship advice? That's a bit rich coming from her. Not liking how hypocritical she's being written recently.

Tvor said...

I imagine the graffiti thing is what's leading into Sally running for council but surely the council isn't responsible for cleaning graffiti off a privately owned business, only public surfaces? Kevin should have cleaned his building himself. And it's a bit rich, with all the graffiti on the garage door all these years, to complain about a bit on the wall.

Newfy Pearl said...

The more the storyline continues regarding Mary and Brendan the more I think the writers do not like Mary. They are taken a character with merit and turned her into a fool.

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