Monday, 4 January 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 4 January

Monday 4th January
CARLA’S A PRISONER OF HER GUILT When Nick tries to engage Carla in a conversation about wedding menus with Robert, Carla makes excuses, unable to look Robert in the eye. Visiting Rob in prison, Rob tells Carla that if Johnny doesn’t pay up, he’ll reveal the truth to Aidan and Kate. Pointing out it’s not her problem, Carla leaves. But Carla’s had enough and leads Kate and Aidan into the Rovers back room, intent on telling them the truth.
CATHY DISCOVERS NESSA’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET Roy confronts Nessa with the letter. Nessa’s embarrassed and admits she and Alan were having an affair. Ken’s appalled at her admission. Panicking, Nessa implores Roy not to tell Cathy and admitting there are more incriminating letters, asks Roy to take her to Cathy’s house to retrieve the letters before Cathy finds them. Against his better judgement Roy agrees but as they arrive they find her in floods of tears having discovered the offending letters.
LOVE ISN’T QUITE IN THE AIR FOR KEVIN Kevin’s embarrassed when he receives a hamper of sweets from Joanne. Over lunch Joanne suggests they spend the evening watching a DVD, Kevin has little choice but to agree. Masking her jealousy, Anna agrees to attend another singles night with Erica.
ELSEWHERE Handing Todd a book on flowers, Tracy suggests he reads and inwardly digests it if he wants a job in her flower shop. Amy later tests Todd on flower names. Will Todd pass the test? When Norris remarks how subdued Mary’s been recently, will Rita reveal that Brendan is in fact a married man?

Monday 4th January
KATE AND AIDAN DISCOVER THE TRUTH Carla drops the bombshell that Johnny’s her Dad. Staring at Johnny in disbelief, Kate and Aidan are appalled to discover Johnny always suspected Carla was his daughter but kept it a secret for all these years. When Liz inadvertently lets slip that Johnny’s wife died after she found out about his affair and stepped in front of a car, Kate and Aidan are horrified. As Johnny desperately tries to explain himself, will Kate and Aidan be able to forgive him?
CATHY CONSIDERS HER FUTURE WITH ROY Desperately upset, Cathy orders Nessa out of her house. Cathy’s hurt to realise that Roy knew of the affair and was helping Nessa to retrieve the letters. Roy apologises profusely but Cathy asks him to leave. Meanwhile when Nessa grumbles to Ken about the way Cathy treated her, Ken’s appalled by her selfishness. Could the relationship be on the rocks?
IT’S A FRUITLESS SINGLES NIGHT FOR ANNA Erica drags Anna off to the singles night whilst Kevin suffers an evening watching a DVD with Joanne. When Kevin later finds Anna in the kebab shop after the singles night he flirts with her and offers to walk her home.
ELSEWHERE In the bistro, Tracy tries to talk to Robert but he blanks her and heads back into the kitchen. Passing Robert on her way home, Carla blanks him. Grabbing Carla by the arm, Robert suggests she should lose the attitude as he could make life very difficult for her. Carla’s unnerved. Norris and Rita voice their concerns to Mary about her affair with Brendan.

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Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see someone do a kind of weekly 'word bubble' on the blog comments- something like that- or something similar- these are neat apps showing the most commonly used words (excluding words like 'the', 'is',. 'really', etc)- my guess is that some of the top ten words would include 'Platts' and 'disappointing'...!
Looking it up I see found this site but was not able to make it work, perhaps others know similar sites?

Tabby in Mtl

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that wants to see Kate run to Sophie to vent after finding out about her dad. I know it would seem odd but Aidan has to process things on his own and the women that Kate would go to Carla and Michelle are in on it and Sophie kind of has experience with this even though Kate might not know that. I just want something to happen between Kate and Sophie before Brooke goes on her break (hopefully she comes back).

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anon at 07:04, I think you would be the only one who wants to see Kate and Sloppie together.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time believing that Jonny's wife stepped in front of a car when she found out about the affair: Carla is 40 so somewhere about 41 years ago Jonny had an affair with Carla's mum - Johnny's wife died 22 years ago, which leaves a difference of 18 years between the affair and his wife finding out and then she decides to step in front of a car leaving behind 2 small children for Jonny to take care of. Not very plausible is it?? And I don't understand why Carla is so upset, she isn't an angel herself. Arriving on the street she was responsible for one of the overworked machinist falling down the stairs to her death, which was covered up by Paul & Carla - then Paul is killed with Leanne in the boot, then there was Trevor, the bin man (Janice Battersby's roommate & love) then Tony Gordon, then an affair with Liam who was engaged to Maria, then she found out about Tony killing Liam and ran away to LA, then there was Frank Foster, then Peter Barlow while he was married to Leanne, almost killed Stella while drunk driving, now Robert while engaged to Nick. Really????

Tvor said...

Nobody actually said Johnny's wife stepped in front of a car on purpose, though, she was probably upset and distracted.

abbyk said...

As they are *horrified*, my sincerest wish would be that Kate and Aidan pack themselves up and move away. After how many months with Aidan, I have absolutely no sympathy for him. He's sleeping with one of his employees, earning good money but living on Michelle's couch, and he's redundant in the office; in fact, his mere presence allows Carla to stray from the hard working business woman we love. Kate, the perky annoyance, can go be an Army wife and move around with Caz. She is a child in an adult body, it's no wonder Sally thinks 6 years her junior Sophie is the perfect lesbian match for her. I'm not that keen on Johnny, either, but at least he has some non-bedroom intrigue. His kids are a waste of space.

Anonymous said...

I love Roy and Cathy together. I hope they get back together. The Connors other than Carla are unwatchable.

Anonymous said...

I love Roy and Cathy together. I hope they stay together. I find the Connors apart from Carla unwatchable.

Anonymous said...

I love Roy and Cathy together and I hope they stay together. I find the Connors-apart from Carla-uunwatchable.

Zagg said...

I agree with abbyk, Aiden and Kate are just wasting screen time. They add nothing to the story. It is so obvious, that they way they were brought in was just weak writing. Kate is annoying as hell and Aiden is just pointless in that overcrowded office.
I do hope that Nessa is written out soon. Pairing her with Ken was also bad writing. He is too smart not to see through her and her scheming ways. It's all just been silly.

Laura said...

I don't mind Kate and enjoy her friendship with Kirk, but I wish they would have paired Eva with someone other than Aiden. He's immature and petulant; her character was once very similar, but she's matured and deserves better than someone who sulks over a pair of socks and can't seem to dress in a shirt that isn't two sizes too small. It would have been interesting to pair her with Dr. Carter if he was still around... maybe Zeedan? In a show that seems obsessed with playing musical beds, it's interesting that we haven't seen Zeedan in a relationship yet.

Anonymous said...

Laura,for what it's worth,Kate is just as immature as her brother.Making a bet with him about sleeping with Eva?hWhat kind of sister is she to make a bet like that?!I don't want to see her paired with Sophie now and Eva does deserve better than Aiden.
I bet when it hits the fan about Carla being their sister,Kate the spoilt brat will make it all about her!

Newfy Pearl said...

I have to say I did enjoy it a little when Robert put Carla in her place...afterall she is equally guilty in the one night stand. But in the back of my mind I couldn't help but think of Charlie Stubbs and how Tracy has another bully man to "put down".
Ken is really a hypocrite when it comes to other people having affairs. He is too too funny.
Looking forward to Kev and Anna. Enjoying the Anna and Erica friendship.
Is it just me or is Liz looking really good these days. No longer the mutton dressed as lamb. She looks lovely I think.

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