Friday, 8 January 2016

10 reasons NOT to vote for us in the UK Blog Awards 2016

We're nominated in the UK Blog Awards 2016. It's the first time we've ever entered anything like this, but we can only win with your help.  As you know, we're a team and we're as daft about Corrie as you are.  If you'd like to vote for us, please do so - you can click this link here and vote for us in the two categories we're nominated in - Arts & Culture and Innovation.

But if you'd rather NOT vote for us, then here's 10 reasons why you shouldn't.

1. You don't like exclusive Coronation Street interviews and news
2. You don't want to read exclusive blog posts from celebrities
3. You don't want to win any Corrie official and fan-made merchandise competitions
4. You hate the diverse range of voices we have writing on the blog
5. You would rather die than take up the oppotunuity to be a guest blogger at any time
6. You hate that we're first with Corrie news - and would rather read the papers and the mags after they've cut and paste from us
7. You would rather we posted click bait. Well, leave now because we never will.
8. You want to read a site that's not independent - and worse still, fawns
9. You wish we didn't call things out when Corrie gets it wrong
10. You hate our irreverence and fun

Ah well, you have your choice. But if you would like to vote for us, please do!

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Lily Bigfield said...

You almost had me worried with that headline, as I'd already voted!

Anonymous said...

I have already voted as have all my friends - I still say TPTB need to seriously consider you as writers - I know you probably have more fun doing the blog, but how about 1 contest - writers vs bloggers for just one episode - I bet it would be smashing. How about that ITV??

Sophie Bird said...

Voted. Love this blog.

vintgal003 said...

Absolutely voted...and have book-marked to vote each day...that is great that we can do that for you!! *GOOD LUCK* !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

can we vote for than once?? Just let me know and I will for sure. I didn't want to knock them out for voting more than once.

vintgal003 said...

RE: Anon's question.....I have copied text from their web page:

The Public Vote:

- You may vote for any individual blog and any company blog in each of the 18 categories
- Voters will be able to vote off any mobile device or desktop once per day. Therefore, you may vote using the same email address more than once, but on separate days
- You can vote for your own blog

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