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Tuesday 2 June 2015

Corrie build their own graveyard to film Deirdre's funeral

Coronation Street have built their own graveyard for filming Deirdre Barlow's funeral.

According to the Express, a "stately home in Cheshire" has been used for filming the funeral of Deirdre. The Express has pictures of the fake graveyard on their website too.

I've been doing some detective work and the "stately home in Cheshire", if it is indeed the same one as on the Express website, turns out to be Arley Hall and gardens.

The website for Arley Hall says: "The Chapel will be closed from Wednesday 3rd June - Friday 5th June and the Grove will be closed on Wednesday 3rd June." I wonder if this is to allow Corrie to film there this week?

Considering how often Corrie outside filming is snapped by paparazzi photographers, it makes sense for Corrie to create their own graveyard to film in privacy.

Arley Hall and gardens has been used many times before for Coronation Street weddings and funerals.
See also the following as we get ready to say goodbye to Deirdre Barlow:

Interview with Kate Ford (Tracy Barlow) on saying goodbye to her on-screen mum

Interview with William Roache (Ken Barlow) on saying goodbye to his on-screen wife

Interview with Corrie scriptwriter Damon Rochefort on writing out a legend from the show

Deirdre to die on her 60th birthday, July 8 2015.

Peter Barlow and Bev Unwin are returning.

Tracy's ex-husband Robert Preston returns.

The funeral has been written by scriptwriter Damon Rochefort
Deirdre's death has been explained here.
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Unknown said...

I can imagine that many will be hoping that people like Mavis Wilton and Hilda Ogden show up. Although it would be lovely to see them again, I can certainly respect their own wishes.

Anonymous said...

Surprise surprise... photos by papperazi parasites Eamonn and James Clarke. Forever following the crew vans and snapping pics without permission. Leeches.

Paul van der Hart said...

"Looking realistic".... with the marks of the lawnmowers going straight underneath the headstones and crosses. Yeah, sure.

Sevin said...

The fact they want to keep this a secret means either they want to be respectful or they're going spoiler proof. The latter wouldn't make sense though as it's not exactly a ratings chasing storyline but rather a storyline to say goodbye to a loved character. Plus spoilers never usually bother the production team.

Anonymous said...

It's in the grounds of the house used for filming Mike Baldwin's wedding to Linda (amongst other weddings) so the spirit of Mike will be there too no doubt!

Dave the Parsnip said...

I think its disgusting the way she hasnt even been mentioned for months.

Beth said...

I also find it very strange that Deirdre hasn't been mentioned for months by either Tracey or Ken, especially now that they have written her final episode.

Anonymous said...

Dave & Beth, that's easy - out of sight, out of mind (as far as characters go, obviously).

You would think Deirdre would've been mentioned when Amy was involved with the fire. But nothing, nada! You would even expect her to have come home.

Anonymous said...

I also wondered why there's been no mention of Deirdre keeping in touch with her family for months[but apparently she kept in touch with her ex son in law Robert?]and cannot help but think it will be contrived for her to be suddenly mentioned now.
As for the graveyard,I wonder if perhaps complaints of families whose funerals for loved ones have been postponed in the past due to Corrie's filmings of funerals could be a factor as well?

Jonathan said...

I suppose the non mention of Deirdre maybe out of respect for Anne Kirkbride's family

Anonymous said...

Well said Jonathan. Quite right.

Anonymous said...

But the show must go on, surely?

Anonymous said...

Respect for the actress and her family is one thing, a fictional character mentioned by her fictional family is another.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they have to get the family's approval of the exit script? That was just recently, so they probably didn't know well enough where the story was going 2 months ago to include passing references.


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