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Monday 29 July 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update – cheese on toast and a cuppa

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Hayley’s worst fears are confirmed when she’s diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Roy takes refuge in research ont’web and demands Hayley eat organic broccoli to beat the free radicals while trying (and failing) to wrap her up in cotton wool. He doesn’t half get on Hayley’s nerves. And although he’s only got her best intentions at heart, he follows Hayley into the Bistro where she’s celebrating Audrey’s birthday with a drink of bubbly, grabs the glass from her hand and tells her not to drink, announcing loudly to everyone who’ll listen (and most of them do): “You are gravely ill and you could die!”  It’s too much for Hayley and she gives Roy a stern talking to before storming off home. 

News of Hayley’s cancer grows on the gossip grapevine and when Tracy tells Roy she’s sorry to hear the news, Roy gives her short shrift. In a wonderful speech, Roy reminds Tracy of the stress and the anguish she’s caused the Croppers over the years. Let’s not forget she drove Roy to consider suicide over baby Patience/Amy. Roy blames Tracy for the stress that might have led to Hayley’s cancer, to which Tracy spits back that it’s more likely Hayley’s hormone pills have caused it.  Protective of Roy - and speaking for the nation - Fiz stands up and yells at Tracy to leave Roy alone. He makes his way back to the flat and to Hayley where it doesn’t take long for the two of them to make-up over a cuppa and a plate of cheese on toast. Roy holds Hayley and Hayley holds Roy and there wasn’t a dry eye on our sofa when Roy tells Hayley she’s given him the happiest time of his life and Hayley tells her husband: “I don’t want to go. I always thought the best was yet to come for us both.”  Gulp.

Anyway, speaking of Audrey’s birthday, Rita throws a party in the Bistro after Audrey’s family ignore her.  But the fragrant Mrs Roberts has much on her mind after suffering problems from a damp patch in her downstairs area.   

Another one getting a man in to sort her out downstairs is Sally when Faye’s dad Tim comes round to erect a shelf and tighten knobs - which fair puts a smile on Sally’s face.

Carla asks Peter this week to be her partner – in life and in business – as he gives the bookies shop to Rob in exchange for paying his win on the horses.  As Rob and Tracy plan to open a pawnbrokers in the bookies, Carla takes Peter on at the factory where he knows nowt about knickers. Michelle gives Carla what-for over the new appointment while Kirk dispenses advice about scissors to Peter who’s learning the ropes from packing up.  “While you’re on about it,” Carla tells Peter, “make an honest woman of me. You know how Deirdre likes a good wedding.”  They announce their engagement and go shopping for a sparkler. Let’s hope Deirdre will be playing harmonica - if the two of them ever make it up the aisle.

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ChiaGwen said...

Audrey seems overly concerned about the cost of fixing the damp. Is she having money problems or is this story a lead-up to her moving onto the street somewhere? If Ken is to be away indefinitely, Tracy moves in with Rob, then could we see Audrey move in with Diedre..?

Anonymous said...

Why would Audrey move in with Deirdre?

ChiaGwen said...

Anonymous: From the last episodes I thought maybe Audrey's house would be in such disrepair that she would have to move out for a while while Owen fixed it. She and Diedre put the Lewis kiss behind them when Audrey was in the Rover's the first time to have a birthday drink with Maria and I thought it might be a prelude to her using one of the bedrooms in Diedre's place....just my imagination...Diedre hasn't told me anything! :0

Paul said...

Apparently Tracey sets her sights on the bookies flat, so she plans to drive Peter and Carla out.

I guess they could end up living with Deirdre?


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