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Sunday 7 July 2013

Corrie weekly awards: July 1 - 5

Mother Hubbard Award: Tim's cupboard is bare.

Grumpy Guts award: Norris. I'm surprised he has any customers left, and all.

Lost Sheep award: Hayley has belled the cat. So to speak.

Dueling Suspicions: Gail and Nick are feeding each other's suspicions about Leanne now. David has done a good job.

Pants on Fire award: David "I'm not bothered about revenge" Platt.

Something up her sleeve award: I'm pretty sure Emily is winding up Norris. Never mind that he's sincerely apologized. I think Rita might be in on it.

Splitting Hairs award: Norris says he didn't go on at Emily to get her to sign over the house. But he did moan and gripe about all her relatives wanting it and where would that leave poor old Norris?

Start as you mean to go on award: Anna already attacked Tina in public, she's taking on Tim now and doesn't care who knows.

Two Timing award: Ryan got caught exchanging numbers and saliva with a woman he met in a club.

Lines of the Week 
 Emily to Norris "I hardly thing you can take the moral high ground"
Brian "What about a councillor?" Hayley "I tried that. You'd think I had suggested an interview with Oprah"
Kylie about Peter "Why would you want a digestive when you can have a custard cream?" David "It's Peter Barlow. Why have one biscuit when you can have two!"
Gail "Why do I always get it in the neck?" (because you can't keep your mouth shut)
Kylie "It's more like something David would do" (yet still they haven't figured it out)
Roy "The die is cast. I just have to live with it" (Superb stuff!)
Tina "David the husband. Not David the Haunted"
Peter "I don't think any woman I've ever been in a relationship with can say she was bored" (but that isn't necessarily a good thing)
Sylvia "Buy yourself some Tibetan bells. Dab on essential oil of Rama lama ding dong"
Sinead to Katy "You're more of a mug than me!"
Norris "I can't abide to see people gossiping" (Pot? Kettle?)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty awards:

Living on self obsessed planet award: Dreary found Roy in the park in a distressed state; did she make him a hot cup of tea? Not a bit of it she was more interested in pouring herself a large brandy. Roy requested a glass of water and she couldn’t even be bothered to get that, he had to get it himself.

Most tiresome love square ever award: Chesney/Sian/Ryan and Katie – who cares? Sick of pram face Katie and her sulky little face trundling around the cobbles moaning. Even Sinead who started as a promising character is coming across as just dull and a bit of a doormat. Ryan snogging another woman at a club? Wake me up when its all over.

Disturbing award: David throwing peanuts at Gail - Kylie should take note, the way a man treats his mother is the way he will treat his wife. Why Gail didn’t just slap him hard beats me.

Groundhog Day award: Bully boy Owen threatening Tim and telling to get out of town – er haven’t we been here before? Tim is younger, taller and more rangy he should have got Owen’s hand up behind his back and told him to do one or else make a complaint about his threatening behaviour and alert Social Services while he was at it.

Hysterical harridan award: Even for Corrie standards Anna hammering on Tim’s down and screaming out of control, was far too much - she really has reverted to the unpleasant chav that she was in the beginning and why is Tim the big villain here while of course Faye is mollycoddled and pandered to. Tim was stupid and na├»ve but Faye was deceitful from the start.

Another affair on the cards award: Sally bizarrely “appearing” at the door when Anna was having her screaming rant at Tim then suddenly conveniently turning up in the pub with words of wisdom about ‘daughters’, its pretty obvious she and Tim are going to get together – hm it’s a pity they don’t know what to do with now middle aged Sally apart from her carrying on with yet another unsuitable bloke.

Sanctimonious hypocrite award: Sophie screeching (thank goodness for the mute button) like a banshee at Faye from her high horse when she nicked a pot noodle from Dev’s Emporium, conveniently forgetting that she stole thousands from her own dad’s on line bank account. It kinda puts things in perspective.

Where is your cheque book award: Surprised Mrs Money Bags Tanner didn’t offer to buy Emily’s house, she seems to want to flash her cash at everything else in the Street with her seemingly bottomless pit of money.

Anonymous said...

Simon Legree award..the sanctimonious Dennis some money out of her purse to go and get milk..when he comes back he hands her back the change and she counts it and nods her head. he's a little boy or something? She just finished offereing an all expense paid trip to Tina to wherever it was she wanted to go..her treat. Mark my words..there is something up with Rita and the baby nonsense. Either she had a baby and it didn't survive, she had an abortion which left her unable to have any more kids or she had a baby and adopted it out. Either way..her behaviour towards Dennis is bizzare and I hope he tells her off one of these days. Norris is right...he's just her toy boy (ha)!

Anonymous said...

Unconditional Love Award: Anna should be thankful that Faye is sort of being looked after by Tim and that she doesn't have to put up with that little bag of horrors. If I were Anna I would be glad to see the backside of Faye.


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