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Monday 8 July 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 8 July

It’s breakfast time, as our Street starts off, which is the case on most Mondays, and a doleful Gail appears at David and Kylie’s. She is profoundly shaken by David’s disgraceful behaviour towards her – threats, abuse and the really offensive throwing of peanuts. This peanut throwing was alarmingly disrespectful and the scene last week worked really well.

But, back to tonight. At least David does admit that he was out of order, but there is a deliberate sense of David being anything but genuine. Jack P Shepherd, the actor who plays David, does malevolence brilliantly. His words, that he’s feeling a bit stressed are woefully inadequate as to why he behaves as he does. Kylie tells him, ‘You’d better sort it and quick.’
Sean’s Mothercare dream relieves the tension briefly. He and Harry Styles, from One Direction, are in Mothercare choosing a pram. Harry is pregnant with Sean’s baby and they can’t agree over their pram choices so Harry becomes hysterical. Eileen, please, just go to the counsellor – it might well help you. She does and it does, as we see later. After recounting the dream, Paul returns home and asks Sean why he isn’t at work. Very wittily Sean replies, ‘I hear the cry of unstitched gussets calling my name.’
Despite Rob’s absence the factory seems to be doing very nicely so Carla and Michelle head off on a shopping trip with a drink at the end of it. And they just about manage on the cobbles in those heels. No wonder they were holding on to each other. Just one false note here – is Carla really worrying about Peter’s tea? Hard to believe she’s the kind of woman who would be troubled by Peter’s lack of nourishment, much more likely to say, ‘Sod ‘im!’ So, finally sisters were doing it for themselves and Peter didn’t die of starvation. Impossible tonight to leave the factory completely without mentioning Kirk’s request for petty cash to buy toilet roll or the ladies’ loo. His questioning of his bosses’ preference for quilted with flowers or just cheap stuff was glorious.
Young love is not running smoothly for Sinead, Chesney, Katy or Ryan. Wise for her age, Sinead tells Chesney she doesn’t want to waste her time but it seems that Katy is wasting her time. She knows it too. Chesney is not playing around though when it comes to talking to Ryan. Chesney asks how Joseph went on at the doctor’s and Ryan replies, ‘He seems good mate, no problems.’ Chesney replies, ‘First of all, I’m not your mate and second I wasn’t asking you.’ Chesney is right of course, Ryan is only pretending to care for Joseph, and in fact all he cares about is himself.
David’s malevolence and plotting is working to excellent effect. He phones the police to alert them to Student Night at the Bistro, he skilfully, even masterly plays Leanne and Nick, one off the other. He appears so measured, so on the side of whoever he’s talking to at any one time.
I know not everyone is a fan of Mary, but look how well she has helped Dev and the children; nothing short of excellent. And, no one can say she’s not willing to give things a go, hence her arrival at student night in The Bistro. Kylie obviously thinks Mary won’t be staying but she is mistaken. Mary is a self-confessed student of life. (And that despite her mother saying that she had failed the entrance exam to life. What sort of a mother was she?). Mary tells Gail that the night is young, ‘even if some of us aren’t.’ Great this was as Mary was patting Gail’s hand as she said this, the strong implication being that she, Mary, did not include herself in those who are no longer young. ‘Your daughter-in-law might be slightly coarse and have dubious dress sense, but she makes a fantastic pink lady.’ She goes on, Mary at her best and tells Gail that despite her many romantic disasters, she’s like a boxer, bloodied and bruised, but never gives up.
The journalist was a good inclusion. When asked if she’d like a small, medium or large drink, she simply replies, ‘Massive.’  She’s delighted now that she’s got this story and will be able to tell her sleazy boss about her scoop.
The whole Faye/Tim/Anna/Owen plot line confuses me. What exactly has Tim done that is so wrong? So tonight he laughed about Anna reading Faye a story, even though she’s eleven. Well, it would have been better if he hadn’t laughed, but it doesn’t make him a demon. Yes, Anna makes a valid defence, but Tim himself may never have had anyone read to him either. True, he’s not going to win dad of the year, but he’s not all bad. At least Sally rather likes him. A budding romance here? Well at least he tells her that a conservatory is inanimate and can’t be attention-seeking.
Oh and a note to Mr Gove from Paul. Furious that he has had to deal with a hoaxer, he thinks all children should learn the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. No doubt it will be on the National Curriculum already.
David’s revenge or Lewis’ revenge? Which is the more successful? We don’t know yet but the big money’s on David.


Anonymous said...

David is going to take down as many people as possible; Lewis really only had one target.

Anonymous said...

One minute Eileen' looking all pale at the kitchen sink NOT listening to Sean's dream The next she has a very deep tan . How did that happen ? Whatever it is I want some . I'm enjoying Corrie at the mo . It's well paced and intriguing. Glad Owen is showing his true colours and hoping this leads to an exit cos I can't stand him . What's happened to Anna ? I've never seen her so threatening and angry - I've gone off her too . Loving Jack PS he's doing a great job.

vicky said...

I must have heard The Boy Who Cries Wolf about a dozen times at school. It was the standard "headteacher forgot to prepare an assembly topic" tale. So between this and the upcoming racism, Paul has gone right down in my estimation.

I could watch an entire spin-off show of David grinning evilly at various people. As for Tim, yeah he's kind of an idiot, but I doubt his presence in Faye's life is any more damaging than Owen's. Tim probably shouldn't be caring for Faye, but contact shouldn't be out of the question.

Beth said...

We know that Audrey doesn't know about Kylie and Nick but David doesn't know that his gran is in the clear of the secret. So why in his unhinged state has he not taken this into consideration and isn't either suspicious of his grandma? In his head and the way he works wouldn't he wonder about her too? Poor writing that David is only targeting the characters that really do actually know. What a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

"Hi honey, I'm homo!" I just love Sean. :)


Anonymous said...

David only targeting people who know about Nick/Kylie is just as ridiculous as his family, who have seen him do this exact stuff before, wondering why he's behaving strangely and not once questioning whether or not he found out about Nick/Kylie. It must be down to "soap stupidity" that helps to keep storylines going.

How many of us were thrilled to hear that Paul was leaving the Street only to have him stay for this racism crap storyline? If they wanted to bring up the issue of racism, let Paul make idiotic comments about the children who were making hoax calls, particularly if they were from a certain neighbourhood inhabited more so by one particular race. See how others on the Street react when Paul makes racist comments about Asian children, for example. Really bring the issue to the forefront, rather than hiding it behind an ancient reference that I can't imagine many folk still use, particularly not in public. Who wouldn't have just said, "C'mon, play fair!" instead of making a racist comment? Stupid way to bring up this storyline.

Frosty the Snowman said...

After being absent for ages suddenly doleful Eileen is back on our screens with her whinging and miserable face and STILL banging on about Paul's, when I thought this had been resolved several times over. Cue more mooning around and over acting from the thoroughly pointless Sean. I am waiting for Paul to make that 'remark' at least to change the record!!!

John McE said...

Does anyone else feel rather sorry for Tim? Sure, he's not exactly father of the year material, but he clearly cares for his daughter, despite her being an absolute brat at times, as well as an habitual liar. And there must be millions of kids out there that have been bought up by parents who are every bit as hapless as he is.

I can't help think that at some point he and Anna are going to get involved... that's if Sally doesn't beat her to it!

John McE said...

And is everyone else enjoying these Stella and Gloria-free episodes as much as I am?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Anon at 04.02, absolutely spot on about Paul. I was thinking why didn't the writers use the hoax phone calls for a story about racism. I do realise, though, the writers want to show that casual references are as racist as any out-and-out comments about short-comings in particular communities. However, they have chosen an expression that nobody's heard for years and one that I can't imagine a person in their 40's would use. I bet one of the writers went on google to find something vaguely suitable.

Mad Hatter said...

Paul isn't even racist. Its a comment he made in passing and is blown out of proportion, but quite true to life.

Paul has never been seen as racist or even hinted at.

Bex said...

Why does Faye have to live with either Anna or Tim? Most families were the mother and father are not together have some sort of schedule such as staying with one parent on weekdays and the other at the weekend, so I don't see why they can do the same. It isn't fair to make Faye choose between them.

Anonymous said...

Why does every single scene at the Bistro has to have Gail sat up at the bar making faces all the time. Does she have no life of her own, she is not good for custom.


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