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Monday 22 July 2013

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Monday 22 July

Coronation Street, Monday 22nd July at 7.30pm

HAYLEY FINDS UNLIKELY SUPPORT IN CARLA. When Hayley makes a mistake at work then has to ask Carla for time off she’s forced to admit it’s for a CT scan. Seeing that beneath her brave veneer Hayley’s terrified, Carla offers to drive her to the hospital. In the waiting room Carla tries valiantly to make small talk, insisting it’ll be nothing, but alone with the consultant what will Hayley’s prognosis be?
ROB AND TRACY DRIVE A HARD BARGAIN. Rob’s determined to press his case against Peter but with some family loyalty kicking in Tracy suggests they can be cleverer. They’ve got Peter and Carla over a barrel and Tracy lays it on the line, they want the bookies shop for six months, rent free or they’ll sue. On the ropes will Peter be forced to agree?
NICK’S IN FOR A NASTY VISIT. Nick and Leanne return from their spa break closer than ever. Simmering with resentment David decides it’s time to up the ante in his secret revenge plot against Nick. Taking out his phone he calls trading standards. What has he got in store for Nick this time?
ELSEWHERE Owen puts a dampener on Audrey’s birthday when he tells her the crack in her wall may be a symptom of a much larger structural problem. Tim flirts with Sally as he does a few odd jobs at No. 13.

Monday 22nd July at 8.30pm

HAYLEY RECEIVES SOME DEVASTATING NEWS. As the consultant breaks the news to Hayley that she has stage two pancreatic cancer she’s floored. The doctor explains she’ll need an operation to remove the tumour and unblock her bile duct then she’ll need chemotherapy. Barely able to process this a numb Hayley returns to the street. Will she finally confide in Roy?
PETER DESPAIRS AS ROB AND TRACY CELEBRATE. Peter and Carla know they’re being blackmailed but have little choice other than to accept Rob and Tracy’s deal. Struggling to hide his frustration Peter admits to Deirdre that Carla being the sole breadwinner makes him feel emasculated. Meanwhile as word spreads that Rob & Tracy’s new business venture will be a cash converter, how will people react?
NICK FACES RUIN. As the trading standards inspector reveals provisional tests on the bistro’s spirits suggest they’ve been watered down Nick’s stunned. Facing a big fine or even a sentence Nick starts to panic.
ELSEWHERE Maria tries to cheer Audrey up. Tim opens up to Sally about his sadness over the breakdown of his relationship with Faye. Will Tim follow through with his promise to Owen to move on?

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to have a lot of tissue handy for the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Yes its going to be very hard going watching Hales' demise over the next few months/weeks. Maria tries to "cheer audrey up". BORING BORING BORING. This silly insipid actress is another one who should get the axe - Maria not Audrey that is

Anonymous said...

Why do folk on the Street continue to turn to Owen for help with their structural problems? He's such an ass and Jason is there, isn't he?!


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