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Monday 22 July 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 22 July

As ever, it is morning as we join episode 1 on a  Monday. There is a certain inevitability to some happenings in life and as our favourite street reflects life to a certain extent, we have a very upbeat, almost buzzing Roy, having got his sleepwalking under control and having found a renewed joy in life. It seems ever the way that when things are going so well, something is waiting in the wings to dash your optimism. Oh Roy, get ready for the most difficult time of your life.

Sylvia takes Hayley aside and Hayley tells her that ,'There's nothing wrong with me, I'd know if there was.' But that's not the truth and her anxiety is evident as she makes a mistake at work, something she hardly ever does. Beth is far too ready to apportion blame and to claim that she's being bullied, consequently ordering a cream horn and a custard slice as she is stressed!

Still on Beth, there has been a bit of confusion as to why she wears a C on her necklace, when you might expect her to wear her own initial. But, don't forget that Beth has a son called Craig who has great comedic skill.

When Beth criticises Hayley and ridiculously accuses her of bullying, Roy is like lightning in coming to her defence. 'Hayley is the most considerate, compassionate human being to have ever walked the earth.' Good work Roy, as we need to know that you will love her the best you can through her horrific diagnosis of cancer of the pancreas. You have succeeded in acquiring  tickets for  Midnight Tango, in which you have very little interest - just a blur of feathers and legs to you. I hope you'll be able to go, it's possible it might just lift the spirits, if only a little.

A salute signifying absolute respect must go to Carla tonight. She has all this Peter, Rob, Tracy mess swirling around her and yet she rises above all that. She takes Hayley to the hospital telling her not to let anyone see them as she's meant to be a bitch and is ruining her reputation. and would have been happy to wait for her had Hayley not turned her away. There is brilliant camera work as Hayley emerges from the hospital. The camera pans downwards onto Hayley, emphasising her solitariness and isolation, often the feeling people speak of when they have just received devastating news.

Later, Carla calls Hayley into her office and is the embodiment of kindness. 'Whatever you need, whatever you want, just ask.' Carla points out that she and Hayley are not so different and reflecting on that statement, we can see the truth in it. They are both the strong ones, the ones on whom people depend. Hayley captures her husband's eccentric character, in the one sentence. 'Roy sees the world through a strange lens.' Hayley's diagnosis is bleak in that only one in five survive pancreatic cancer for five years post diagnosis. The hand holding at the end is tender and heartbreaking.

Naturally this puts all other characters' problems into perspective. That is not to say that they are not problems. Nick is certainly suffering and we know why. We remember David gleefully pouring water into the spirits and now the man from Trading Standards arrives. As Nick lists the problems of late we are reminded of David's vitriolic campaign. The flat, the police and now Trading Standards. It seems that the last person Nick would suspect is David, as he says of his brother  that, 'He is the most honest bloke I know.'  Does that quite ring true?

Deirdre scores full marks once again tonight. In the salon she derides her daughter once more. It's rather refreshing these days to hear parents criticise their offspring as so often it is the case that they will neither say nor hear any wrong against their precious darlings. Audrey too gets stuck in, and criticises her family and rightly so as her birthday do in The Rovers is a bit of a washout. Apart, that is, from the gift Deirdre brings, described by her tutor as a one-off. 'Oh now, look at that,' says a tactful Audrey, shortly before she packs in her birthday celebrations due to her tight-fisted family.

Deirdre tells Tracy just how it is, giving her daughter no leeway whatsoever. She reminds her she took Amy's money and also that her proposal of a business venture is entirely bad news, relying on desperate people.  Audrey even goes as far as to say that she is preying on people's poverty, to which Tracy replies that she will be practically a charity. It's good to see the blossoming friendship too between Deirdre and Carla. With Ken out of the way, Derdre seems a more fully rounded character, a likeable one too.

What will happen between Sally and Tim? He's supposed to be leaving soon but his feelings for Sally are evident as are hers for him. Sally will be pleased that Kevin used a too large rawl plug which got him to her house, and what about that comment of his about Sally having a nice bed! She made it crystal clear that she's a single person as did he. Let the romance begin.

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Sal said...

Brilliant post!

Poor Hayley. There were some very moving scenes tonight...
I really loved the Carla and Hayley scenes and I agree with you, full respect to Carla for the way she supported Hayley. The 'it'll ruin my reputation' line was brilliant. It's evident that these two actresses work so wonderfully together and even though on the surface, their characters are opposites, as Carla pointed out they are really not that different. Very clever writing.

It goes without saying that the Roy and Hayley scene was so touching. I almost didn't want to watch it because I knew how heartbreaking it would be.

Great writing and performances tonight though!

Ruth owen said...

Thank you very much for your kind comment Sal.

Billy Niblick said...

Unbearably poignant scene between Roy, Hayley, and Sylvia. Clearly, there will be more of these to come, as the trio grow closer in the face of profound personal tragedy.

These actors will, I'm sure, do a terrific job. Just as in reality, the palpable injustice and even cruelty of a fatal cancer affecting the lives of the two nicest characters on the entire show is as clear as day, and Roy, Hayley, and Sylvia's despair is deeply affecting. At the same time, the love and support each offers the others instincrively is touching, and rings so true. Carla's unhesitating support for Hayley also feels inherently genuine. She recognises what a very special human being Hayley is, and reaches out to her, sensing Hayley's needs in a time of fear and devastation. Of course she would. I do think that Carla is a far more sympathetic character than she first appears to be.

Anonymous said...

How am I going to get my weekly Corrie fix without ur Haley? OMG it's going to be just so sad.
Carla..shining through and Tracy..smug as ever.
Loving Deidre sans Ken. She's a star!
Great episodes.

lizzieizzard said...

What a powerful episodes Haley and Carla bonding I see a true friendship blooming there - two strong women the backbone to their men. Haley has two strong women on her side Sylvia and Carla a formidable force and with their help Roy will be there to help Haley. Then you see the users the world owes me pair Tracy and Rob I'll give the business the six months and will go belly up as Rob will be sick of Tracy and getting itch feet and Tracy just sick of working....

Frosty the Snowman said...

Even cynical world weary old Frosty had a lump in his old throat yesterday, especially at Sylvia who has obviously grown very fond of her daughter in law stifled back the tears. In tandem more unpleasant nonsense from Rob and Tracy the gruesome twosome and hey didnt Sally throw herself at Tim? Is she really that desperate?

John McE said...

Was I the only one who was willing Roy to just give her a hug?

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for Rob and Tracey's 'business' and 'relationship' to fail. They are disgusting.

Hayley's storyline is breaking my heart. The relationship that she has with Carla is very special. They have a mutual respect for each other and it's a beautiful friendship that other soaps can only dream of. I know that Fiz and Tyrone will be taking over soon but I only hope that Carla will be more involved further down the line.

abbyk said...

Mrs. Connor
Mrs. Connor
Mrs. Connor
Mrs. Connor
What a special relationship.

Roy not hugging, totally in character. I could just see the wheels spinning in his head, this does not compute. I already hate losing Hayley, but love that we're going to have 6 months of stuff like tonight from The Amazing Croppers.

Lovely family bonds, Tracy. Deirdre should kick her out and sue on Amy's behalf (why did she, a convicted felon, have access to that account anyway?) Maybe Peter or Carla will take a page from the David Platt playbook and sting the pawnshop once it's open.

Billy Niblick said...

Tracy may not have a record as a convicted felon, as technically her conviction for the murder of Charlie the builder was quashed on, as I recall, some unspecified technicality. I'm wondering if she received compensation for wrongful imprisonment? If so, it was never mentioned.

All very unsatisfactory.

Anonymous Individual said...

Why was Tracy never in trouble for lying to the courts about Gail's "confession" to killing Joe McIntyre and wasting their time with a false statement. The story of her return is total bollocks so there is no point questioning it.

Why haven't the likes of Deirdre, Gail or Tyrone got compensation for false imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

Holy God, just finished watching Monday's episodes on youtube. :-(

Brilliant performances by Hayley, Roy and Sylvia. And I've seen a side of Carla NEVER seen before.

I'm all choked up and teary-eyed here.

They have portrayed the stunned & shocked reaction to the prognosis perfectly; as well as the pretense of optimism that the patient & family adopt - just to get through it. ♥ Well done.

~JB in Canada


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