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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Wednesday 17 July

Coronation Street, Wednesday 17th July

ROB’S TAUNTS START TO ANGER PETER. Peter’s determined to turn his business around and apologises to Carla, assuring her he appreciates her help and intends to put the bookies back on track. When Carla then hands Peter the day’s cash for the till, and Rob makes a dig at Peter, Carla unleashes her fury on Rob. Peter’s had enough too and later goes after Rob, clearly in a threatening mood.
TRACY’S CASH STASH SHOCKS ROB. Reminding Rob how she promised to match his money, Tracy pulls out an envelope full of cash. Rob’s impressed but where has she suddenly got thousands from?
HAYLEY BURIES HER HEAD IN THE SAND. When Roy shows Hayley his aromatherapy candles and tells her how important it is that they lead stress-free lives, Hayley is forced to agree, hiding her worries.
ELSEWHERE Norris is proud of his new found status as a home-owner, that is until Emily bursts his bubble when she hands him a pile of household bills. Paul and Eileen feel like social pariahs on the street.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

More of the school yard bickering between Peter and Rotten Rob to look forward to then?

Anonymous said...

Emily is such a b*tch. Seriously, she is meant to be all saintly but is scheming behind Norris' back because heaven forbid he worried about losing the house to her never visiting family. And I am sick to death with the patronising Rita and sponger Dennis always laying into Norris. Rita is such a snobbish woman, she isn't funny at all with her remarks. Actually they are embarrassing to watch, so hammed up its unreal.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree about Rita, I know she has a lot of fans but she is extremely patronising and lords it over everyone. Norris is her employer and she treats him like dirt along with Emily who isnt much better. Dennis is just a pointless twerp.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm a little confused about the Norris/Emily storyline. He's been married at least twice and presumably each time they owned their house. Are we to believe that Norris doesn't know anything about household bills? Are there no utility bills for the shop? That scene in the Bistro was truly embarrassing. I know it was meant to be gentle comedy but it was circa 1980 Last of the Summer Wine material. Nice to see the oldies with more screen time but could the writers make it a bit less squirmy. I love the oldies but I've got no sympathy for anyone in the Norris friendship square.

ChiaGwen said...

Are we to belive that Norris, after seeing all the house bills and presumably not knowing that a house comes with expenses, decides not to accept the house from Emily? Or are Emily and Rita in cahoots about the house and the papers supposedly drawn up by a lawyer are fake and this is Emily's way of knocking some sense into Norris....perhaps being run over by Mary's motorhome (just where is that thing now?) would do a better job.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the rent Norris used to pay as Emily's lodger cover the cost of the utilities bills?

Anonymous said...

Tracy is a scumbag..stealing from her own daughter..I can't wait till Deidre finds out...hopefully she'll kick Tracy right of the door and tell Steve what's been going on. He can go for custody then..and Tracy can go to jail..or hell..whatever comes first..Ha!
Awesome viewing lately I must say. Why did they hold Deidre back for so long? She's wonderful!

ChiaGwen said...

I doubt whether it is Amy's piggy-bank Tracy robbed - as if the kid is going to have all that cash at home (from Christmas and birthday gifts?)and could Tracy take it out of her bank account, if she had one? Diedre surprised her going through that side table - the one where Adam (I think) found the mortgage papers for the house. Didn't Diedre offer Peter some money as she said they had a few quid set aside - is it set aside inside that table.....oh dear!


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