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Monday 15 July 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 15 July

Coronation Street, Monday 15th July at 7.30pm

STEVE BURSTS PETER’S BUBBLE. Michelle warns a worried Carla that the crazy deals Peter is offering in the bookies could bankrupt him. When Steve takes advantage of one of Peter’s deals will she be proved right?
PAUL’S REPUTATION TAKES A HIT. Eileen begs Paul to swallow his pride and apologise to Lloyd before things get out of hand. Paul begrudgingly agrees but when he gets the cold shoulder in the corner shop he realises Lloyd’s been spreading the word that he’s a racist. Confronting Lloyd will Paul apologise?
HAYLEY’S UNNERVED BY NEWS OF HER RESULTS. Having had a basic health check at the doctors with Roy, Hayley’s puzzled when they ask her call in at the medical centre for her test results.
ELSEWHERE Emily returns from the solicitors and tells Norris he just needs to sign the paperwork
and then No.3 will be his. Tracy’s thrilled when Rob announces he’s managed to acquire a sports car.

Monday 15th July at 8.30pm

CARLA AND PETER CLASH OVER THE BOOKIES. Carla berates Peter for gambling away their joint business with his crazy offers. Peter’s defensive and moans to Deirdre about Carla sticking her oar in when she doesn’t know the first thing about his business. Unable to face Carla, Peter asks Deirdre if he can stay the night at No.1, but will he admit that his business is on the rocks?
HAYLEY RECEIVES SOME WORRYING NEWS. The doctor tells Hayley that her test results show some abnormal liver function and he’d like to send her for some more tests. Hayley’s concerned but back at home she covers, assuring Roy that her results were fine and there’s nothing to worry about.
LLOYD AND PAUL’S FEUD RUMBLES ON. As Paul and Lloyd’s feud escalates, Sophie suggests to Eileen that as long as she sticks up for Paul that makes her as bad as him. Eileen’s incensed and when Lloyd and Paul stare each other out in the pub, she makes it clear she’s had enough.
ELSEWHERE will Norris become the new owner of No. 3? Rob tells Tracy the car was a repossession and he’s sold it for £8k having lied to his company that it’s been stolen. Tracy’s impressed and resolves to match the £8k so they can set up their cash converter business. But where will she get the cash?

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Anonymous said...

How does one sell a car that's been repossessed? This story about how Rob got the 8K is very confusing to me.

Anonymous said...

I think Donald Trump should ask Michelle's advise before he invests in anymore business dealings. The woman is a genius..warning Carla that Peter could face bankruptcy..could she even spell it? Ridiculous!

Nathan Johnson said...

Haha to right. Somehow Jenna with her so-called experience and years at college can't find a job and works on-off in the Corner Shop, yet the likes of Michelle can go from barmaid to businesswomen. That goes for Tina going from barmaid to accountant and Rob from a prisoner to entrepreneur and businessman, who appears more skilled than Carla or Peter.

Stephen said...

Rotten Rob and Tracey Luv, the characters we love to hate; they deserve each other. They are a disaster waiting to happen, with their half-baked get-rich-quick schemes.

Does he really think that going into business with his vicious girlfriend is wise? A pawn shop? Does he think she'll get through even one day behind the counter?

And now car theft? Even Risible Ryan is not as disgusting as either of these two. Rob should go the way of Gloria: good bye.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The pawn shop is another silly story that's going to bear no resemblance to the real world. If it's a legit business, Rob and Tracy will need all kinds of licences and police/credit checks. They're going to have to find £50000 to set up shop and I guess this is where the winning bet at Peter's comes in. Might have been a good story with better characters/actors. Sorry, but I'm bored already.

Anonymous said...

Tracy or Rob are not characters I love to hate. They are completely detestable characters. I know not everyone in reality is nice, but Tracy is so boring with her scheming, absolutely no redeeming qualities about her. At least if they let her off with murder they could of done something for her to redeem herself, but nope, but smirking and scheming.

Makes you wonder how actors like John Michie get written out (or even Natalie Gumede) but Tracy who can't act her way out of a paper bag keeps getting her contract renewed.

And another thing writers, paring her off with Beth doesn't make them a great comedy duo, just even more vile.

Anonymous said...

I think the bookies story will lead to Peter going to work in Underworld with Carla.

I doubt Michelle will be happy about that.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if this storyline is the beginning of the end for Rob and Tracy and will result in both Tracy and Rob going back to prison where they belong.

Marie in Canada


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