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Sunday 28 July 2013

Corrie weekly awards for July 22 - 26

High Noon award: Ok. This feud is getting a bit ridiculous now. It's gone from a misspoken phrase to a clash of pride to a quagmire of misunderstandings and everyone's judging and taking sides.

Fashion Fail award: I love Hayley's anorak. But it's July!!!

A bit previous award: Audrey thinks David's "moments" are all behind him. It's only been a week or so since the peanut incident.

Birthday Fail award: Roy doesn't know how the Happy Birthday song goes!

Nero Award: Roy is griddling while Rome burns!  Brilliant line!

Quest award: Roy has thrown himself into research. But he is supportive when it counts.

Banshee award: Yes, Sally does have that quality sometimes, doesn't she?

Taking the bull by the horns award: Carla was the one doing the proposing.

A Rose by any other Name award: Yes. It *is* a Pawnbrokers. They just made it politically correct with a different name.

Callback to Corrie History: Loved the mention of the collapse of Number 7 in the 60s.

Musical Ambiance award: Ashes to Ashes playing while Tina comes to terms with Jake coming home from hospital, but not with her.

Lines of the week
Roy "Know Thine Enemy"
Tracy "Mam, change the record" Deirdre "No. I won't"
Roy re the Tango "To me it's an exhausting blur of legs and feathers but to my wife, it's poetry in motion" (Awww isn't he lovely?)
Deirdre "Me pottery teacher said it was a one-off" (certainly!)
Carla "Sometimes you get too used to being the strong one" Hayley "Roy sees the world through a strange lens"
Leanne to Nick "Has anyone got a grudge against you?" (you don't have to look too far)
Eileen to Paul "Why don't you try playing the grownup"
Peter "Richard Branson I ain't, baby"
Carla "Deirdre, they should bottle you"
Peter to Tracy "You're showing signs of a heart, you want to get that checked out"
Peter "What was it that attracted you to the skint bigamist bookie?" Carla "His black leather jacket, actually" (Yep, that would do it for me, too!)
Hayley "I don't want my life to be on long conversation about cancer"
Tracy to Deirdre "Instead of listening to my dad, why not splash out on a few opinions of your own?"
Carla "Buy me some bling!"

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Frosty the snowman said...

Totally tiresome and tedious award: This whole ‘race row; which is now bordering on the totally ridiculous, dragging on and on and just giving characters the opportunity to be vile – Sophie Webster shouting the odds at every opportunity and middle aged mum Sally quite ludicrously wanting to fight Big Daddy Eileen in the pub. It’s absolutely pathetic and the sad thing is this could have been done well.

Mega irritating and totally pointless couple award: Jenna and Sophie. Awful awful awful, I can’t even be bothered to elaborate.

Shop Fitters are Millionaires award: It wasn’t a few months since that Barlow’s Bookies was given a complete makeover including state of the art technology and plasma screens. Now that is all to be thrown on the skip to turn it into Rob and Tracy’s pawn broking shop.

Good to have your mum around award: Roy is quite clearly losing it unable to deal with the dreadful news about his wife. He is becoming odder and odder and reverting back to the very strange man he once was before his relationship with Hales. Good to have Sylvia there as the voice of reason and support.

Where is this story going award: Audrey and her damp – where is all this leading? Also if she is accepting rent from Marcus and Maria then its up to her as landlord to ensure repairs are done to the flat and not wobble her head about it drinking her umpteenth g&t!

Not a busy builder award: Whenever there is any kind of property mishap it’s always Owen as the first port of call and he can always start straight away. How man builders do you know that can do that?

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Another line I loved was after Hayley told Carla to have a go at her in the factory because she doesn't want to be wrapped up in cotton wool, she wants thing to carry on as normal... so Carla went with: "It's just yack yack yack with you, int' it Cropper"

Humpty Dumpty said...

'And your point is ...?' award: (Various people about Sophie) 'She's just a teenager.' So that's OK then. Let her sound off in the street at every available opportunity. Is this pointless storyline going on until Paul leaves? Zzzz. An afterthought about Paul's racist remark. I suppose the writers didn't dare use an expression with the word 'black' in it, and there's probably just that one with 'white' in it.

Anonymous said...

Mighty Mouse..Sally trying to have a go at Eileen in the Rovers and has to be held back? Haha..I laughed so hard. As if. One swat from Eileen and she'd be shut up for good.
If the writers think this racial storyline is anything close to what really goes on in the real world, they've missed the plot. And, such a minor blurp would hardly have gotten Lloyd into such a flap..for weeks on end. The 'showdown' in the street wasn't worth watching either other than another comedic moment which it wasn't meant to be.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think you are?..Michelle asking Carla 'what does Peter know about the rag trade'. What does Michelle know about it other than what she learned there? She was a barmmaid/lounge singer and now she's a brilliant business woman landing contracts and the faktry is boombing whereas last month they couldn't even afford to replace the stolen silk?

Anonymous said...

I, too, thought it was strange that Hayley was wearing the red anorak in July. But then it occurred to me that they were trying to make it high profile because it is going to be auctioned off for charity.

Anonymous 13:23, I had exactly the same reaction to Michelle's comment about Peter. And I don't recall her making any effort to learn the business from the ground up the way he is. Michelle just went from barmaid to experienced business woman overnight.

Anonymous said...

Put in her place...Roy telling Tracy off in spades..good for him..finally.

Anonymous said...

I loved it when Fiz got in Tracey's face and shouted at her to back off.

Anonymous said...

Going back to the anorak, it actually makes sense to me. When I've cared for people with terminal cancer sometimes they do get extremely cold. One lady in particular had her heat on in the summer and was still complaining about being cold. I found the apartment so stifling I had trouble breathing.

Anonymous said...

Hayley is ill, so perhaps she's got a chill and wearing her anorak makes her feel better?

ChiaGwen said...

Agree Frosty. Just what is the point of that awful Sophie? Jenna's not half bad but ruined being with the dullard. They must be the two most mismatched people in Corrie history with Eileen and the whiney fireman a very close second!

Anonymous said...

Shanny said: I was just thinking how this cancer storyline with Hailey must be bringing up memories for the actress who plays Sally. It is sad for us, but sally knows all too well what Hailey is going through.

Anonymous said...

I have to say i agree this fued is stupid however paul is racist and im proud of sophie u go girl she did the right thing telling the truth! I would do exactly the same! Cannot stand paul he is an annoying terrible actor and cannot wait til hes out of the programme altogether!


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