Sunday, 21 July 2013

Corrie weekly awards for July 15 - 19

Razzle Dazzle award: Deirdre showed Tracy how it was done. Sort of.

Excuses Excuses award: Paul won't apologize because: He's had a bad day. His name is being dragged through the mud.

Ironic award: Tracy moaning how rude people are.

Pride Goeth before a fall award: It was all about male pride this week on the Street.

Small Print award: Norris has to pay all the bills as per the contract he signed but didn't read.

Hippie award: Roy is throwing himself full force into aroma therapy, yoga and meditation.

Obnoxious award: Leave it to Tracy to be the most in-your-face of all the people winding Paul up! But really, I thought that was quite funny!

OCD award: Roy needs to know to the minute and second how long "two ticks" is. He's got a long wait. Probably longer than two ticks, I'd say. (marvellous little exchange!)

High Noon award: Rob and Peter are getting closer and closer to handbags and 20 paces

Lines of the week
Carla about Steve and Streetcars"A few knackered old bangers that he co-owns with Lloyd and runs out of a broom cupboard?"
Sophie to Paul "Who do you want to serve you then? The Asian or the Lesbian?"
Deirdre "You can't boil an egg in a bidet"
Carla "Bit of a dark horse, are we, Deirdre Barlow?" Deirdre "Oh you don't know the half of it"
Dierdre " I don't take sides. Just think of me as Switzerland in glasses"
Mandy on serving Paul "What do you want me to do? Give them a Black Power salute and a chorus of We Shall Overcome"
Roy "From now on I think we should do everything necessary to reduce the stress in our lives" (Uh oh. Phrase of Doom, methinks"
Tracy "You want me to go and heck there's no black people in there? Or Asians, or Jews...or Welsh. Tell you want, draw me up a list. I am an equal opportunities troublemaker" (ain't that the truth, too!)
Rob to Tracy "You are the most evil woman I've ever met" (you might want to be scared, Rob)
Deirdre "It's a small word, but you wouldn't want to hoover it, as me mother used to say."
Hayley "I'm scared, Sylvia" (and the first of my tears fall)

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Anonymous said...

Deer in the headlights..Peter after realizing he'd just lost big time to Rob..YES!!
Those two were great this week. Peter so full of himself and Rob..always crying because he isn't successful like his big sis.

Deidre..what a star she is..who knew. Always played off against Bill Roache who IMO was really a drag.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Deirdre and Peter - who knew they would work so well together.

Deirdre: 'Are you hungry? Do you want some soup?'

Peter: 'I'm not homeless.'

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