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Monday 29 July 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 29 July

It is Monday morning as usual as we join our favourite street, and though Paul is a firefighter he didn't do too well on the fighting of the fire for Eileen's breakfast. What was it that she was singling out for extra mockery? Black pudding? Any suggestions more than gratefully received.

Well Paul was trying, but maybe he should put his efforts into creating a more cheery disposition. He asks Eileen and Jason just what he is required to do to get in Lloyd's good books and makes satirical suggestions, the first one, to place a full page ad in the paper and the second to have the Red Arrows write in the sky by way of apology. 'What does he want?' Brilliantly Jason cuts through all the hyperbole and simply says that Lloyd, 'just wants to know you mean it.' Excellent, Jason. He needs a good woman in his life after the disappointment of Stella and her rather callous rejection. Suggestions? Or maybe someone new...

A little later Paul and Lloyd succeed in greeting each other in a civil manner. Paul did say that whatever Lloyd says he, 'will rise above it.' But we know that as soon as a resolution to an issue  appears to be on its way, that there will be a further episode as so it proved tonight. But blimey! The writers are really flogging this situation. Perhaps we should have a collective shout of, 'OK! We get it! We all need to be careful about the words we use and all of us should do our best not to let slip, carelessly, words which may cause offence.' To be fair, there is a bit of something about pride thrown in but when the police get involved and statements are taken, the whole business strains the barriers of credibility somewhat. And now Sophie is involved and Jenna shouts out that it was Sophie who phoned Paul's work, not Lloyd and Paul's boss comes to see Paul then Eileen shouts at Sophie in the street then Sally shouts at Eileen and Mandy spends her time exasperated and disappointed in her family, even though her daughter's interview is at a very nice hotel with a spa, though Mandy thinks that Jenna should be using her qualifications properly and not just to say Have a nice day, all day every day. I know - exhausting!

And so to David, fifty pounds better off, writing poisonous restaurant reviews, watering down the spirits and generally doing all he can to upset his brother's apple-cart  and executing it all with such aplomb. Nick, after several rows with Leanne, turns up at David's, who becomes the great sympathiser and problem solver. 'Come for tea,' he says, where Leanne and Nick can have some relaxation. Terrific work of great malice. Who would expect that the person inviting you to tea, was the one at the root of all your trouble? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Nick is furious, Leanne is in a permanent rage and two members of staff have already told Nick to stuff his job. Didn't David say to Nick that he shouldn't tiptoe around and that he should lay down the law. He rightly states that he is the victim of a hate campaign. Oh and we have a viewing of Stella and Karl pre-wedding. Leanne claims that she would be hypocritical if she just blithely accepted her mother's invitation to be a bridesmaid. Stella was obviously upset, and so was Leanne, when Nick pointed out that she was being rather harsh.Leanne is obviously angered by Nick's comment, in fact she seems to have been in a permanent rage during both episodes.

Still there were lighter moments tonight, including Steve and his lack of self-discipline on the biscuit front and his telling Eileen to 'Come to Poppa,' which she did, with a nod to Die Hard. Another lighter moment was Deidre telling Rob that she would not be taken in by someone passing off insincerity as charm. And this one isn't really light but it is humorous and that is Jason saying to Paul, 'You've been accused of being a racist then you go and smack a black guy. Sound! And the wonderful Hayley, who arriving towards the end of the explanation Shaun is giving to Peter about the whereabouts of tea and sugar, and says that it is a system handed down from the long dead, notices Hayley, who acts as if she is hurt, but then smiles and makes it known that she was joking.

Finally a word on baby Jake's arrival home, a definite rival to the homecoming of another baby, last week, baby George of course. Now Gary, you have to relax a little. Of course, it's a tense time, but also a joyous one for most people. Babies cry and that's a fact and it is not always the case that you can stop then crying. You do what you can of course and then you just hope they'll stop Was I the only one advising Gary to stand up and lay the baby on his shoulder? Shame he couldn't hear the chorus of advice that was coming his way.  
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Anonymous said...

Following up on a previous discussion of why Hayley was wearing her red anorak in July, why was Izzy wearing a leather jacket and Sophie a bulky cardigan in July? How far in advance are the episodes shot? Did someone forget they would be airing in July?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Really what is the point of the last two Websters now apart to be obnoxious at every opportunity? Sophie is really quite vile, thick as a plank and twice as nasty and her mother aint much better. With Kevin and Rosie gone, perhaps its time for these two as well. You cannot really blame Mandy for dispairing about the way Jenna has become and wasted her education and talents, Sophie is a curse.

Anonymous said...

Really fed up with another behbeh storyline, just as we thought it was all over. Gary and Izzy barely knew each other, weren't married, had hardly any history and most of it unstable, Gary has had mental health problems, Izzy has physical limitations and now add a surrogate baby to the mix. Recipe for disaster. The poor bairn

Anonymous said...

OMG - they used the phrase 'black guy'. I guess it's ok coming from Jason. I'm done with this show-it's beyond ridiculous now. Haley's demise is the end of my viewing. I'll check the blog once in awhile but IMO this show has jumped.

abbyk said...

Sophie used to be an excellent student and pleasant young lady, the kid who was going to go somewhere, but since mom & dad stopped noticing her for all of Rosie's dramatics, she dropped out of school, stole money from dad's bank account, and now filed a false report with the fire station. Can you even do that anonymously??? Somebody needs a life changing moment to get back on track or get out. They reverted Anna back to form, so here's me hoping she's saved before it's too late.

Favorite line of the night came from my least favorite character: Blood is thicker than water, and a lot messier to mop up.

Anonymous said...

I think they should send Sophie to live with Rosie in London - much better for the rest of the cast - Sophie & Jenna do not have any connection on screen - it's too forced and too contrived - Jenna & Lloyd - yes - it works - Lloyd & Mandy, not so much. Why can't Jenna find a professional job away from the street but still maintain contact with Lloyd. That would be brilliant. I know it's a working class street, but surely some people can work away from the street, like Marcus????

Zagg said...

With all of the Lloyd/Paul, David/Nick, Carla/Peter, Haley/Roy storylines happening at the moment, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about...ugh...Stella and Karl. I was enjoying myself without them in the picture. It was a nice reprieve.


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