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Saturday 20 July 2013

Coronation Street weekly update, the start of the end of an era

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And so it begins, the start of the end of an era. Hayley visits her GP this week and when blood tests come back needing more investigation, she’s sent for an ultrasound, and sharpish too. Hayley’s beside herself with worry over what could be wrong and while she does her best to keep the news from Roy, Sylvia’s more sharp and notices summat’s up.  

Hayley’s got no choice but to tell her – there’s a blockage in her bile duct, which may or may not be cancer. Hayley doesn’t know yet, but we sadly do, and the episodes over the coming weeks and months will be heart-wrenching to watch.  

Much was made of Eileen’s new bathroom suite this week and how much she wouldn’t want an ‘advocado’ suite.  She meant ‘avocado’ but it was a lovely Hilda-ism, the sort of thing that Mrs Ogden would have mispronounced over again.  

Anyway, Eileen’s not best pleased with Paul for his remark to Lloyd last week and gets together with Mandy to make the two men sit down to make up.  In the Rovers, Eileen makes Paul apologise to Lloyd. 

“I’m sorry,” says Paul, without really meaning it. “I accept your apology” Lloyd replies, without meaning that either.

Over in the bookies, Rob bets £500 on a four horse accumulator. Three horses win but the final one doesn’t and the relief on Peter’s face, well, it doesn’t last long as there’s a steward’s enquiry and all four of Rob’s horses win – to the tune of £35,190.  

It’s not a tune that’s sweet music to Peter’s ears as it means he’s bankrupt (although legally he’s not obliged to honour the debt if he so chose). However this is soap, so Peter’s words fall on deaf ears and Carla gives Rob some cash to keep him sweet, but it’s nowhere near enough to cover the win.  When Deirdre finds out that Rob’s bet was made up with money Tracy had given him after clearing out Amy’s bank account, she’s livid. Livid.

Speaking of Deirdre, she’s been wonderful this week. Free of the shackles of Ken, Deirdre’s come into her own. She consoles Carla who’s had a fall out with Peter and tells her she can offer neutral opinion: “Just think of me as Switzerland in glasses,” she says.   

She also tries out a spot of cold-calling for Budgens Bathrooms, showing Tracy how it’s done. And when Deirdre’s prospect on the phone is Mr Jacomotti who she knows, she tells him: “It’s a small word, but you wouldn’t want to hoover it, as me mother used to say.”

In the Kabin, nasty Norris bitches about Emily who’s handing over household bills to him now he’s going to be the homeowner.  In comes Emily and hears him mouthing off  and it’s left to Rita to shame Norris into forking out for a meal for four in the Bistro as he treats Emily and Rita and Dennis to dinner, but he’s not happy about it at all.

And finally this week, Marcus tells Audrey that their flat above the salon could do with a lick of paint and a few odd jobs done. Audrey agrees and asks him and Maria to let her know what needs doing but she’s not best pleased with the sizable list that Marcus handed over.  I do wonder where this might be leading.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking it was supposed to be Ken in the cafe and not Brian talking about the difference between men and women, Sylvia as usual having the final word.
It was so sad to see Haley finally breaking down and crying on Sylvia's shoulder about how scared she is.
Glad to see that smarmy two timing bigamist Peter get his. He really has been up on himself lately.
Great acting all around.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why is Peter not legally obliged to honour the debt? Surely once the bet is accepte a legal contract is entered into? And Dreary really was a bit previous with her 'shocked face' she had it on even before Amy was mentioned. Tracy really is vile, I wish Drear would give her her marching orders for once and for all.

Dolly Tubb said...

There was a little 'crack' as my heart began to break with that lovely scene between Hayley and Sylvia. Those two actors are just superb. And ALthough I think Mr B has really got Corrie into a new era of character - driven situations, why oh why does no-one ever bring uip that Rob (and Tracy) stole silk from t'Faktry; or did a bit of breaking and entering to hack into the address books. In fact a rather large tome of misdemeanours that could be used against him, yet everyone dances to Rob's tune every time there's any sort of confrontation.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed most of the Rob/Peter stuff on Friday! Some of it was frustrating though as Rob and Tracey are deluded. Their sense of entitlement is shocking!

Rob is all about the power - he proved that when he forced Carla to beg him but I do wonder if he will eventually go crying to his big sister when his relationship with Tracey blows up and Tracey tries to make his life a living hell - like she has done with her other men/victims!

Loving the Deirdre and Carla scenes and Hayley's storyline will be difficult to watch.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I wonder where the pawnbroker's story is leading us. Peter could take a bet from me that the business won't be successful. They're under-funded (even with free rent); both have criminal records; they're bound to cross swords with criminal individuals/gangs, and come off the worse. My imagination may be going into over-drive but I can see a protection racket story looming. They have a tenancy agreement with Peter for six months, after which I fervently hope both Rob and Tracy leave the street via a conviction, a grisly end or, more likely, a moonlight flit.

Tvor said...

It was a really good week on Corrie! I agree, Paul's apology wasn't much. Sorry for how things turned out? that doesn't really mean he was sorry for offending Lloyd does it?

Glenda Young said...

Frosty - legally, a bookie doesn't have to pay out a win, it's just an "agreement".

Anonymous said...

That final scene with Sylvia and Hayley already had me in tears. I'm not sure I can watch the rest of this story.

J C said...

Humpty - I am in agreement with you. There's no way Rob and Tracy's new 'business' will be successful. To be honest, I really want them to suffer. I also suspect that neither of them will be able to resist doing some dodgy deals that could send them both back to prison and it's bound to get pretty serious for the characters around them at some point.

Tina will soon be involved in this storyline, won't she?

Shan said...

What a great week on the Street. It took me a while to figure out that what Eileen meant when she said "advocado." I thought maybe it was just another one of those British terms I wasn't familiar with!

I absolutely loved Sylvia this week both in her sensitivity toward Hayley and her comments toward Brian. And Deirdre was a great laugh as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand about a bookie not being obliged to pay out on a bet (I'm in Canada, so bear with me - and to be honest, I don't really know the laws about that here, as I've never bet on the horses, but I've never heard of anyone being denied a pay-out. We don't have off-track betting in my province, though). What's the point of putting money down on a race if you might not even get paid if you win? Seems quite deceitful to me, but perhaps I'm missing something.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the bookmaker's obligation to pay out, the Gambling Act of 2005 repealed the section which allowed the bookmaker to refuse to pay. The bet is now considered an enforceable contract.

I guess Rob must have been reading law books while he was in prison.

Glenda Young said...

Thanks Anonymous! I didn't know it was now law.

John McE said...

Were we meant to assume that Rob was just exceptionally lucky, or that he had some kind of insider knowledge on which horses were going to win? Betting £500 on a four horse accumulator (especially with his mortal enemy) would seem very reckless, even for him.

Lily said...

I think it was mighty suspicious how Rob walked into the bookies and "randomly" chose 4 horses to put on an accumulator with a large sum of money, especially after he 'lost' a hundred to begin with on another 'random' horse. The whole time I had this gut feeling that Rob was hustling Peter, and Peter's ego just couldn't get out of the way for the bookie to see it.

I have a feeling it will come out that Rob had insider knowledge about the race. Maybe the person who aided him comes looking for a favour, and when Rob refuses to get involved in something dodgy, the person starts threatening to harm Carla. And eventually Peter finds out, they lock horns again and so on...

Of course that could just be my overactive imagination. :)

abbyk said...

Yeah, but for dramatic purposes,...

- could Peter refuse to pay if he knew the money placed wasn't Rob's? It was taken from a joint pool without Tracy's permission.
- could Peter refuse if he knew some of the money place was ultimately stolen from Amy? She's his niece and could reasonably find out. Could Rob &/or Tracy go to jail for that?

I know it's too late as it's already been filmed and I try to avoid spoilers, just wishful thinking. I really dislike Tracy & Rob and how they get away with everything, and also fear that losing the bookies would start a downward spiral for Peter -- we've had enough of those, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Rob walk into the bookie's with his list of horses written down? I recall Peter making a comment about how well prepared he was. That seems a bit suspicious to me.


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