Sunday, 14 July 2013

Corrie weekly awards for July 8 - 12

Crawling out of the woodwork award: Student night, in the middle of summer, when the students have gone home. Where did they all come from?

Confidante award: Why could they be putting Tina in David's path these days? Pure friendship? Or are they working up to something else? Revenge Sex?

Rubbing her nose in it award: Mary really put Gail in her place, for both age and relationship failures!

My Work Here is Done award: David is really playing Leanne and Nick off against each other. Then more or less telling Nick that he would plot behind someone's back though disguised it as a conversation about someone else to provoke Nick into losing his temper. Result!

Pants on Fire award: Ryan is pretending he's happy with Katy and there's nothing to worry about.

TMI award: Stella has the mobile waxer in? Something tells me it's not about the linoleum. Gail has her mobile phone with her in the bath.

Hanging on to the past award: Chesney can't let go of Katy and keeps getting in her business but he didn't take her back when she came begging.

Excuse du Jour: Kevin's off to mind his dad, Ken's off to mind his grandson.

Lunatic award: Well, Tracy is that. A genius? not so much.

Lines of the Week 
Eileen "If this was confidential, do you think I would have told the Foghorn Brothers?"
Mary "I half expected to be strip searched and I'm not dressed for it"
Kylie "If you'd done that to me, you'd be groveling through a mouthful of broken teeth"
Sean "Hi Honey, I'm homo!"
Mary "I've always considered myself a student of life, though mother reckoned I failed my entrance exam"
Eileen "I like my men to be men. Treat me mean and keep me keen."
David to Leanne "What's up with you? You've got a face longer than Celine Dion" (ha!)
Carla "I've seen better figures in a plus sized catalogue"
Ryan "It's too much too soon, wasn't it?" (For you anyway)
Steve "It's tighter than a bullfighter's pants, but I shall prevail"
Rob to a pretend-pregnant Tracy "I don't know whether you're a lunatic or a genius" (If you think she's a genius, you are no smarter than she isn't)
Steve to Lloyd "I've always enjoyed your pluck. It's gorgeous!"

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Anonymous said...

What's "TMI" stand for?

Tvor said...

Too Much Information

Anonymous said...

Yoda wanabee..move over Rita..Tina's moving in with all her years of worldly wisdom in tow.
Bah..say goodbye already

The.HR.Doctor said...

Peter Barlow to Carla after she gives him grief over the betting shop's books: "Welcome to my world."

Which world is that, Peter? The world of incompetent morons? He just holds cash temporarily. If the punter loses, he gets to keep it.

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