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Sunday 7 July 2013

Does demon David do it for you?

David Platt's revenge on his family has dominated Coronation Street for the past couple of weeks. Fair enough, it makes a change from the Price family and their dramas, but haven't we seen it all before?

I mean, how many times has David gone on the rampage? And how many more times can the storyliners repeat this cycle before David either meets an untimely end or is forced to seek some form of help? 

We've seen him smash up the street, during which he practically assaulted Ken Barlow. He's pushed Gail down the stairs. He's been responsible for Bethany taking ecstasy. He stood on the rooftops and pretended to take a gun to Gail, Audrey and Sarah. He tried to drive his car into the canal to disrupt his sister's wedding. And on it goes.

I know this path of destruction dates back to Richard Hillman's reign of terror. Being tied up in the back of people carrier and nearly drowned by a serial killer step-father is bound to leave its mark on any youngster. All the more reason for Coronation Street to show David receiving help and support to deal with all that. 

Then there was the delightful festive discovery of granny Ivy's diary revealing all of Gail's long forgotten plans to abort David during troubles with his father, Martin (remember him?) As a side note, Martin is only meant to be in Liverpool - why did Gail never send David off to be with him?

Anyway, I digress. Although I find aspects of David's regular self destruction good telly, how many more times can they do this? The discovery of Kylie and Nick's betrayal was very well done - Jack P Shepherd was superb, however what has happened since has been far more predictable. I love David and Kylie together, Paula Lane is consistently wonderful. I really hope they don't split them up as I was starting to see a positive change in David's character. 

I hope this is the last time David goes off the rails. Let's see the baby being David's after all and David and Kylie sticking it out. 

So tell me, are you enjoying seeing David cause havoc yet again?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Many families have someone who could do with professional help, but they contain the problem and so the individual never gets well. David's problems stem more from being rejected by his father than anything else. It would be interesting to see Martin (even with another head) come back for a few weeks to sort out the family. As for 'evil David', there's a danger he could turn into a 'toxic Tracy' - boring and predictable. I love Kylie and David and hope they stay a team for a long while.

Stephen said...

I'm not enjoying it at all. As you've pointed out, if it's not one thing causing the little stoat to be spitefully vengeful, it's another. Stealing Peter Barlow's lighter and planting it, keying the chap's car; what will David do next? If he simply must stick with the equally vindictive Kylie, then he should either bottle it up and carry on or discuss it with her - but not with his mother, who seems incapable of ruining others' lives (so that's where he gets it from!) - and work through this with her.

Gail deserved to have nuts thrown at her, what with her interfering ways and her hypocritical habit of taking the moral high ground, but when he did that, I wanted her to advance upon the little rodent and slap his face for him. Several times. Especially as he won't have the backbone to tell her (or Kylie) why he's being a sneering little snot.

Cobblestone said...

I found the peanut scene deeply unsettling and difficult to watch. David seemed more demented than I've ever seen him before; it was a display of naked cruelty, for more shocking, in its way, than when in a flash of anger he pushed her down the stairs.Jack and Helen were both superb in it. I don't agree that Gail deserved to be subjected to that sort of abuse - no one does. It's made me wonder where the PTB are planning to take the character in the long-term. He clearly needs psychiatric help as his behaviour is now bordering on the psychopathic.

Defrost Indoors said...

Kylie has grown and matured a lot; time David did too. Yes, he needs some kind of professional help!

Anonymous said...

The recognition of Peter's lighter was if..has he got his name engraved on it? The Platts are too thick for words..they deserve what they get..bunch of hillbillies esp that Gail..god she's dumb.

Anonymous said...

I am viewing the show in Canada and David has just kicked off destroying Nick and Leeanne's flat. I cannot stand the character of David he is in desperate need of psychiatric help and his stupid family can't see it! I absolutely hate what the writers have done to Gail. She has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer but now she acts like she has had a lobotomy. I don't think that Jack P. Shepard is that great of an actor I can't see him going anywhere other than Corrie in his career.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until 20 years down the road where the storyline is David is still living at home and the subject is elder abuse. Can't stand David's character and I think David and Norris play 'themselves' on Corrie.

Anonymous said...

I'm not enjoying it. The scenes with Gail are really uncomfortable and too far. This is a pattern where characters turn evil and it's not fun to watch.

corrierules said...

Not enjoying this storyline at all. Tired of David's "The Shining" sneer/glare. Yes Nick and Kylie have betrayed him.... but Leanne and Simon (and Max) will be deeply hurt in the fallout. Not to mention Peter and Carla. David, divorce your wife. Stop speaking to your brother. But do you really have to destroy everyone else? Then again, DP has never been a favorite of mine -- spoiled brat!

LauraG said...

I agree that David's antics are tiresome. We've seen it so many times already. That said, I'm not sure what the alternative would be upon discovering your wife has slept with your brother and the baby she's carrying might be his. He'd have to go on some sort of rampage. I suppose the stuff of recent weeks is just drawing it out for the big kaboom when he reveals he knows.

Also, the reason David wasn't sent off to Martin's is because Martin doesn't want him. David left Gail's to go live with his dad who told him to sling his hook. Martin has a new family. Never mind that Gail would never actually cut the apron strings like that.

Mad Hatter said...

Its boring and just typical of Corrie to revert characters back to their old nasty ways. David matured up, got married and became a good dad to Max. But instead of expanding on that we have him going back to his idiotic tiresome ways, which goes to show he has never redeemed or moved on and that these negative feelings towards Gail have been lurking in his mind.

And its hard to feel bad for him when he is scheming and pulling stupid faces to the camera. Are we meant to hate him? Are we meant to understand his situation? I have no idea anymore.

Hopefully when its revealed Kylie should leave the immature little git with Max and the baby, and he should be left to stew on his own. But no doubt he will be forgiven with all of it brushed under the carpet like its been done in the past.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, because we've seen this all before, it's truly dull. At least if they're going to have David flip out, come up with something new. The fact that he's doing everything he's ever done before and his family hasn't twigged in that it's him is just pathetically stupid. He's getting older, he's had different life experiences, this should be reflected in the way he lashes out.

vicky said...

I love David. He's one of the most entertaining characters. His barbs are sharp and insightful. He is a nasty little piece of work, but that's what makes him a lot more compelling than most of the other male characters on Corrie. The thing I love about David is, when he's doing all these "evil" things it's really just low-level evil and it's funny as much as anything else. He stands out on the street because he is one of the few males smart enough to play the long game.

This current storyline has increased by interest in Corrie by... ooh... about 300%? When I think just a month ago we were being subjected to storylines revolving around Stella and Chesney, I can't believe how much better it's gotten. Yes, it was nice to see David grow up and settle down a little (and he HAS grown up, which is why he didn't kill himself on hearing Max's voice). But only on the understanding that evil David was lurking just beneath the surface. Because David getting a genuine happy ending would be dull.

Adding to all that is the vague feeling I have that... David is probably within his rights to do all this to Nick, to be honest. What Nick has done is so reprehensible that I actually glory in David taking revenge. As for the peanut scene with Gail, it was amazing. It was funny whilst also being creepy and it's the kind of thing that genuinely does happen. When families do break down, it's rare to hear stories about murder and kidnap but commonplace to hear stories about how such and such threw cheese slices at whatsherface. It was creepy because it felt real.

Chatty Kathy said...

I haven't watched Corrie for a few months, but I keep current by checking here.

With evil (again) David on the rampage (again), I have zero interest in watching. Silly, stupid, boring, tiresome, and incredulous are just some of the adjectives that spring to mind regarding this story.

I hope that Nick is the baby daddy. David doesn't have the maturity level of Max, and isn't fit to raise a gerbil, never mind a baby.

Janice. said...

I'm with you Chatty Kathy. Haven't watched in months and will wait it out till this mess is gone. Gail almost had an abortion when with David. His character is a strong endorsement for termination.

Anonymous said...

I'm dreading the fact that Corrie is going to draw this plotline until Christmas - ugh - maybe time to stop watching until all this terrible ham-acting and sneering is over - get rid of David and life will be happy on the street again. About time that Karl finally goes also.

Anonymous said...

@Vicky. Nice job. Brilliant comment. Totally agree.

Chatty Kathy said...

@ Cobblestone:

I agree. I said as much in another blog. I don't see how the writers can pull him back this time. The character is mentally ill, and needs help. This is not normal behavior.


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