Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Corrie fans vote Jack Duckworth as their favourite layabout

Coronation Street Blog readers have voted Jack Duckworth as their favourite Corrie layabout. 346 voted and 189 (54.62%) voted for Mr Duckworth and he was a clear lead from the beginning.
In second place came Stan Ogden with 76 votes (21.97%). He was the first street layabout and held the mantle for twenty years. In third place was Eddie Windass with 31 votes (8.96%), with Les Battersby completing the top four with 24 votes (6.94%).
Eddie Yeats came in fifth place with 18 votes (5.2%). Both Karl Munro and Steve McDonald received 2 votes (0.58%) while the remainder of the votes went to David Platt, Vernon Tomlin, Cilla Battersby-Brown and Tracy Barlow who received 1 vote (0.29%) each.
Happy with the results?
And if you haven't yet, you can vote for your favourite Corrie lothario here.
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The.HR.Doctor said...

Stan Ogden barely ever got out of his chair; Jack was more lothario than layabout and always had some angle going.

Hilda once called Stan a 'great big lump of human uselessness.'

Robbed, I tell ya'. Robbed.

John in Cincinnati said...

Amen! The HR Doctor!! Stan was the king of layabouts. It is time that has robbed him of his rightful crown...people forget..unfortunately.

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