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Friday 12 July 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 12 July

Coronation Street, Friday 12th July at 7.30pm

A RACE ROW BREAKS OUT IN THE ROVERS. After a stressful day for Paul, he’s under investigation for his run in with the hoax caller and could lose his job, he heads to the pub for a game of darts with Steve. It looks like his luck has changed when his final dart wins the game. But the dart falls from the board and as the two men bicker about who’s the winner Paul tells Steve to ‘play the white man’. Lloyd’s horrified and accuses Paul of being a racist. Will Paul apologise for his comment?
PETER SEIZES THE INITIATIVE AT THE BOOKIES. Peter insists to Carla that he’s going to turn things round at the bookies by offering the most competitive odds in town. It’s a desperate move and Carla knows it but outwardly she backs him as the locals place their bets.
ANNA, OWEN AND FIZ PLAY CUPID TO KATY AND CHESNEY. Sinead’s now convinced Chesney still has feelings for Katy. Realising how much he’s hurting her Ches apologises, admitting he’s struggling to move on. Understanding Sinead says goodbye, insisting he knows where to find her when he’s ready.  How will Katy react to news of their split?
ELSEWHERE David’s frustrated as Nick and Leanne reconcile. Rob’s not enjoying life as a debt collector until Tracy offers to help spice things up.

Friday 12th July at 8.30pm

LLOYD AND EILEEN’S FRIENDSHIP HANGS IN THE BALANCE. As Paul and Lloyd lock horns Jason dives in to prevent a fight. Paul’s demanding Lloyd apologises for calling him a racist but as most people side with Lloyd a mortified Eileen drags Paul home where she and Jason take him to task. Lloyd meanwhile opens up to Steve about the racial abuse he’s suffered over the years. It’s something he feels strongly about and when Eileen tries to defend Paul a row brews between the two friends.
PETER HAS A NEW ADDICTION. When Steve places an accumulator at the bookies Peter stands to lose a fortune if he wins. As it goes down to the wire Peter’s as pumped on the adrenalin as Steve is. But when Rob points out that Peter’s turning into a gambler himself will Carla start to worry?
KATY MAKES A HEARTFELT PLEA FOR CHESNEY’S FORGIVENESS. Katy calls on Chesney throwing herself on his mercy, apologising for hurting him and begging for another chance. Part of Chesney’s still angry but part of him wants this more than anything. Will the pair reconcile?
ELSEWHERE as David helps Kylie look after the bistro while Nick takes Leanne away he seizes the chance to up his secret revenge plan. Heading behind the bar with a malevolent smile what will David do next? Having witnessed how many people fall foul to debt collectors Tracy has a business proposition for Rob.

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Beth said...

Getting tired of David's 'secret revenge plan'. How long is thing going to go on? Until the birth. I don't think I can stand it until then. It's already been weeks and I'm already worn out especially as the story's been on for months.

Anonymous said...

Getting tired also of David's smirky expression... yes, indeed, how long is this going to go on?? Surely, someone is going to clue into David's plot -- or are we supposed to believe that everyone is THAT stupid??? David DOES have history of being a liar and a sneak which these characters should be able to remember... just as Leanne was reminded the other day that she was a drug addict and more than a few times also that she used to be a prossie.... Peter was a gambler and bigamist, etc. etc.... so why can't people remember David's "stellar" history as a sneaky rat?

Mad Hatter said...

That's one of the main rules of Coronation Street, if you are a villain and the plot requires it everybody is completely oblivious to your scheming and think you have turned a new leaf despite all your many scheming. Gail seemed to be suddenly friends with David again despite what he did last week, mind you we have gone down this tired road of Gail forgiving him again and again and again and again....

Plus I don't care for him going on about a "bad childhood" or Gail is a "bad mother". We had to listen to this all the first time round. Surprised he hasn't brought up her trying to abort him.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I am almost looking forward to the 'race row' story as it will give a rest to Eileen's everlasting whinging about Paul's job and all this twittering on about 'councillors'. I suspect this rather lame phrase and the "affront" it causes is the avenue for Paul to leave but why did just just stay in Yorkshire with his new job, Frosty is at a loss to understand.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I was interested to read SB's comment that the racism story line is about male pride, in that neither Lloyd or Paul want to back down. If the story reveals more about these characters, as well as highlighting the issue of racism, it could be compelling TV. Paul is depicted as a nice guy but the nicest people around can be racist, sexist, ageist, fascist.

ChiaGwen said...

If only this were a prelude to the tiny fireman's exit! He and Eileen have zero chemistry and all that whispery muttering about going up to the bedroom in Wed's epi made me gag.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there's really very little or no chemistry between Paul and Eileen... nothing against either character or the actors that play these characters but really, I can't think of a more mismatched couple on Corrie since Molvin... YUK!!!

Anonymous said...

Paul can leave the Street anytime now. Sure, he might be more of a thoughtless clod than a racist but all he had to do was acknowledge his mistake when he made it and all this malarkey would've been done. So busy being right, they don't realize their both wrong.

Billy Niblick said...

Well, I'm sorry, but this "race row" plotline must be the most unrealistic, ludicrous thread ever.

It's just not credible, I'm afraid.


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