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Saturday 13 July 2013

Idiots abound on Corrie this week and other thoughts

I enjoyed Corrie this week really but I kept thinking, while watching, that there were a lot of idiots on the street this week. People just keep getting it wrong, don't they?

Katy, Chesney, Sinead, Ryan, Paul, Lloyd, Nick, Leanne, Kylie, Gail, Tim. They're all idiots for various reasons.

Why? Here's why. Maybe you'll agree and maybe you won't. But it was still a good week on Corrie with several new storylines ramping up including the Gruesome Twosome (Tracy and Rob) deciding to go into business together.

Now that Katy and Ryan have split up, can Ryan please just disappear? Tim and Sally are flirting. I suppose that can only end one way. Tim is just as weak and feckless as most of Sally's fellas but it's nice to see her in a storyline and she does deserve a bit of fun.

Another thought passed through, about Jenna and Sophie. When they first got together, people wondered why overqualified and educated Jenna was bothering with college drop out Sophie. There were some people that thought that Jenna could at least encourage Sophie to go back to school. But Jenna threw her career away and she's not making much headway into getting back into any sort of professional job which isn't really going to set up much of an example for Sophie, is it? She's not going to bother getting an education if she sees someone with qualifications and experience not able to get a job.

And while we're on that subject, why haven't we had any sort of focus on their relationship? When Sophie and Sian were together, we had lots of scenes with the two of them and saw how their relationship was going, bumps and all. Once we got over the initial get together for Jenna and Sophie, they've completely fallen off the radar. I want to see them struggle to get to know each other, get around their differences and find out what they have in common. I want to see them do more than just cross paths in the shop or have a drink in the Rovers.

We've not see Fiz and Tyrone for awhile. I assume things are floating along smooth waters for them these days. Dev is taking a breather too as have the Price family. I suppose things will hot up there before summer's out. I'm really looking forward to seeing Karl get what's coming to him!

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ChiaGwen said...

I'm thinking Chesney escaped the 'idiot' designation when he didn't cave in to Katy's pleas to take her back telling her she chose to take Joseph and live with Ryan - yay Chesney!
Lovely scene with him and Sinead after - I'm rooting for these two!!

rita duck said...

re jenna and sophie,jenna her girl friend Not her mum ,second thoughts is mandy writing this blog,sounds like . can they please get rid of mandy her and lloyd do not gel ,she is like his mum

Anonymous said...

Sophie and Jenna do not work. I like Mandy but not as Lloyds love interest. I like Lloyd and wish he would get someone really good for him and that they would become a big part of CS. I really can't stand these long absences of the characters like Tyrone and Fiz. I liked Dev and Mary but that seems to have stopped. She really made sense when she talked to Dev about his children. All Ryan seems to do is drink and make eyes at any girl he can see, there is no substance to this character. I can't believe Sally and Tim even looking at one another never mind getting together.

I do hope that one day CS will do exactly what I want them to do:)

Anonymous said...

Chesney was less of an idiot -- he didn't take Katie back right away...why should he? I'd say he'd be an idiot if he gave in to his loneliness and unhappiness and took that selfish Katy back right away just because SHE felt ready to go back and found her options limited. Like he said, it was HER choice to walk out of their relationship. And Katy proved what an idiot she truly is by angrily stomping away once more when she didn't get what she wanted right away --- what a baby! Too immature to have a baby of her own. But then it was HER choice to give up school and become a mom right away with a far too young Chesney...

Frankly, I think the weakest couple is Sophie and Jenna. Jenna threw her career away but Sophie sure helped and now the two are supposed to be a happy couple??? Forget it. I don't think the current team of writers are capable of writing a storyline about their relationship and they know it.... whatever is shown about the development of their relationship is going to be another snorefest just like the Sophie and Sian coupledom plot which lurched around like a wounded animal only to fall dead ungracefully like roadkill.

Anonymous said...

Jenna needs to get lost..there's no chemistry..the acting is forced..take Mandy with chemistry between her and Lloyd either. Bring back Cheryl to bust Lloyd and Mandy up..Mandy and Jenna can get packing.
Ryan is a robot boy..going through the cat can do a better job at acting than this wooden character..not believable..neither is Chesney or Sinead..dull as dishwater.
Giant brain Michelle warns Carla that Peter might be headed for bankruptcy..WTF is she..a financial counselor or summat? Then the racist boring scenes that has the whole street in a uproar?? I don't think so. Scraping the bottom again for ideas???

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well its plain as the nose on your face that Chesney will take Katie back - place your bets please. Otherwise what for the pram faced little whinger whose good looks supersede her acting. As for Sian, well a promising start but she has turned into a dull dormat almost begging to sleep with Chesney - where is your pride love?

Poppy said...

I predict that Jason and Katy will end up together. Thoughts?

Humpty Dumpty said...

We never see Sophie and Jenna having an ordinary conversation that would make them look like a real couple eg 'fancy the cinema?', 'shall we go away this weekend?' Good reason for that. They don't work as a couple and it would sound ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Sophie and Jenna have all but disappeared since they were made into a couple, much like Marcus and Maria. I guess the idea of the story leading up to these pairings was bigger than the actual couple? I also wish that Lloyd was placed in some sort of situation that had him on the screen more, as he (and surprisingly, Jason) have really developed into the kind of men the Street needs more of. Instead of an issue surrounding race, how about everyday life? Making something of themselves by running successful (or even struggling) businesses?


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