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Wednesday 10 July 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Wednesday 10 July

Coronation Street, Wednesday 10th July

IS IT THE END OF THE LINE FOR KATY AND RYAN? Ryan tells Katy he’s meeting the club promoter he was texting at a bar later. Suspicious Katy heads to the bar where she finds Ryan flirting with a woman. Making a point she introduces herself as Ryan’s girlfriend which doesn’t go down well. Back on the street Katy lays into Ryan, accusing him of being a love rat, has Ryan got any answers? Meanwhile when Sinead tests Ches’ feelings for her by asking to stay the night, will Ches be able to prove he’s over Katy?
NICK AND LEANNE GROW FURTHER APART. Nick and Leanne make-up but the fault-lines remain and when the Gazette arrives, complete with a report on the raid at the Bistro, tempers soon fray again.
PAUL’S WEEK IS ABOUT TO GET WORSE. Paul’s worried when one of the parents of the hoax callers lodges a formal complaint against him. He’s facing charges of aggressive behaviour.
ELSEWHERE Carla’s worried when she looks at the accounts for the bookies which leaves Peter stewing. Tim takes a shine to Sally.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

IS THIS THE END FOR KATIE AND RYAN? - Do any of us CARE? This has to be one of the most tiresome and uninteresting storylines ever on Corrie - sulky pram face Katie, moaning old before his time Chesney, dull doormat Sinead and handsome but shallow and pointless Ryan - please stop thrusting these nomarks in our faces before Frosty dies of BOREDOM.

Anonymous said...

Frosty well said. That gang bores me to tears.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The twenty somethings having a storyline of their own without any *grownups* just doesn't work. Either the actors are talented enough to carry the story or it feels stuck-on like it should be in a teen soap.

Sally, ditch Tim.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I meant the actors *aren't* talented enough, but you probably guessed that!

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! - right, as if anyone cares what happens to Katy and Ryan, the two blandest, most uninteresting people on the street. They could both fall under the bus and no one would miss them for weeks. I'm liking Sinead and think she could work with Chesney once he pulls himself out of the 'I'm feeling sorry for myself pit'.

Anonymous said...

I agree - Chesney & Sinead work really well together - they have great chemistry and it is more plausible than Chesney & Katy or Katy & Ryan. Look at Kirk and Beth - pure gold. Now if we could just get rid of David & Leanne then Katy & Max could live with Nick. That pairing would be perfect. Nick & Kylie are perfect together - no sniping, no arguing. It would be perfect. Hopefully the baby will be Nick's and they can live happily ever after - Gail gets her house back, David is gone, Leanne is gone and Carla & Peter can become a real couple. Yippee - well I can only dream.

Anonymous said...

Katie might be alright if she had another 'actor' to run her scenes with..that Ryan is a bore-fest. Is he asleep or is that is way or playing a 'cool' guy?


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